Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Starshine's Christmas List

Today, we asked Starshine what BIG item he wanted for Christmas since we have a fairly expensive present already purchcased for each of his brothers. We said keep it between $80-$120. Here are the answers he gave:

1. A coupon book including coupons for parents to clean his room, do his homework, and punch each other for the entertainment of their spawn.

2. A box of Nutcrackers (25 please!) to create his own Nutcracker army.

3. A gun. A real one.

Is it wrong that I'm actually looking at the Nutcracker army as a viable option?


  1. Oops! And we already sent his gift in the mail! Now why didn't we think of that! NM Mom

  2. ...Wow. The coupon book is one of the greatest ideas sinced sliced bread. I mean seriously. But, due to recent events...a gun may be a good choice.

  3. Wait. Maybe he said gum! That must be it. Gum.


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