Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Billy Goat!

1. School is cancelled. Again.

2. That sound you heard last night? The collective screams of hundreds of mothers across middle Tennessee.

3. If you're counting (and I am!), that makes six days this month. Six.

4. Plus President's Day, so my kids barely remember what the inside of a classroom looks like.

5. And why is the school district cancelling school so often?

6. Snow. Yesterday, we got an entire inch.

7. ZOMGHOLYCOWRUN! Apparently, an inch is all it takes for a Snopocalypse here.

8. Yesterday, we took the kids to see the Percy Jackson film.

9. They loved it. I enjoyed it for what it was. I wasn't wowed like I was with Harry Potter, and I haven't yet read the books so I'm sure my reaction would be different, but it was awesome to hear all the kids cheering and screaming the second the title came on the screen.

10. What was even more awesome?

11. Some lady decided "Hey! I'm going to be sitting in a packed theater! I should use half a bottle of really strong floral perfume to make sure all the rows around me appreciate my womanly scent!"

12. And she sat right behind me.

13. I don't do well with strong floral scents. They give me instant headaches.

14. I don't ever say anything, of course, because she probably didn't realize how strongly she smelled.

15. I was, however, seated next to Daredevil who has yet to show any inclination to keep the thoughts in his head quiet for more than 1.6 seconds.

16. He took a whiff, looked around him, and said in his best carries-over-fifty-seven-other-conversations voice "Whoa! Lay off the flowers, peeps! It isn't doing you any favors."

17. I laughed.

18. Last night, Starshine came into my room and said "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?" so fast I could barely understand him.

19. I said "What?"

20. And he looked at me and said "Billy goat!"

21. Like that explained it all.

22. I guess it does.


  1. School was cancelled for an inch? It takes at least the promise of 5inches to maybe close school early or a delay here in NY.

    I have the habit of saying what's on my mind. So I'm all for the Daredevil. Scents like that block out the ability to watch my tongue. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Your kids seem awesome! I am sorry that an inch is all it takes for a snowday.

  3. lol! Maybe only the billy goat knows... And you know how hard it is to get info out of a goat, right? rofl! Oh, funny!

  4. Heh. You're lists ALWAYS make me laugh!

    And um, this is why I live in Cali. We don't have snowpocalypses here. Like, ever. (though as a result, I'm sure 1/4 of an inch would count as one)

  5. HAHAHA!!!! Your kids are bonkers. I love it! One day if I decide to have me a couple, I hope they are bonkers too.

    Once again, you made me laugh! Thank you!


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