Friday, February 19, 2010

Coming Up (Or "Why You Should Keep Tuning In)

No, the car doesn't have anything to do with what's coming up on the blog. It's Jonathan's car (hero from CASTING STONES) and as I'm diving head first (hopefully NOT a euphemism for "face plant") into CS revisions this weekend, it seemed appropriate.

Plus, it's sexy.

The list of items coming up on the blog can be broken down into two categories: Things you will definitely see and things you might see if my life doesn't unravel, my children don't succeed in their bid for anarchy, and I don't run out of crazy.

Definitely See:

*A list compiling the random, ridiculous, and rotfl things happening on a daily basis in my life. (Dad, rotfl means "roll on the floor laughing.")

*An interview with Bree Despain, author of the incredibly awesome THE DARK DIVINE, who has chosen to be interviewed by our blog's mascot, the Were-llama.

*A cupcake character made in honor of Bree and TDD.

*The beginning of another installment of "Get Me Started" wherein you, my readers, give me a first sentence, and I turn it into a short piece of fiction.

Might See:

*Johnny Depp. What? It could happen.

*A post dissecting the revision writing process. Or ranting about it. Or a desperate plea for the ransom money needed to escape Holly's Revision Duck Mafia's beaks of horror.

*An upcoming interview schedule. (I have Holly and three kick-butt authors lined up and more coming)

*A pithy dissertation on what it takes to write authentic characters and how far an author has to go to get there.

*Johnny Depp. No, really. I'll be heading out to the sneak peek of Alice In Wonderland. No way I'd miss blogging about that.

So, stay tuned. Gear up for next week when Bree (mild-mannered, kick-butt author who totally rocked my world with THE DARK DIVINE, and I don't toss that compliment around lightly) takes on the Were-llama and gets a cupcake in the process. She's bringing goodies to give away too!

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Cool car! Jonathan has great taste.

    Looking forward to more cupcake characters. The last one was way great. (Kudos to Clint for his cleverness. Sorry, CJ, but shopping for the supplies doesn't rank as high on the awesomeness scale.)

    I wanna see "a post dissecting the revision writing process" since I'm going through the same thing. "A pithy dissertation on what it takes to write authentic characters and how far an author has to go to get there" would be great because I'd love to learn your secrets--and because you intrigued me with "pithy."

  2. Love the car.

    And I'm really glad your starting the Get Me Started thing again because I always like the fiction you write from it.


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