Thursday, February 25, 2010

Win A Free Registration For The Next Query Workshop!

Do you need help crafting an amazing query letter? Do you long to have the mysteries of querying unlocked for you? How would you like to have a professional critique your query until you get it right?

That's exactly what my two week online (do on your own time schedule!) query workshop offers. It's a $40 value, though my former clients tell me the results they get are priceless. See for yourself.

Now, for the first time ever, I'm going to give away one free query workshop registration. Already took the course? You can give it to a writer friend as a gift. Here's how to enter.

1. Tweet the link to this post and include my user name so I can give you credit. (@cjredwine) = 2 entries

2. Link to this post (with a quick explanation of the contest) on your blog. Include the link to my workshop site as well. ( Comment here with the link. = 2 entries

3. Comment here with a 1-3 sentence pitch for your manuscript (I'm not judging on how awesome your pitch is. I'm doing a random drawing, so don't stress!). = 1 entry.

You have from now until 8 p.m. Saturday night (Central time zone) to rack up the entries. I'll tally them up, generate a random number, and announce the winner here on my blog Saturday night!


  1. Heyyyyy CJ.

    2 entries:

    2 entries;

    1 entry: Jane Darcy's life gets way more interesting on the day her eyes change color and she discovers she can move things with her mind. Oh, and the boy she loves? He can fly... without a plane. They have fun with their abilities--who wouldn't? It's like one, big, extraordinary game. But in this "game" everything comes at a cost, and the outcomes are deadly.

    (Okay, I went like three sentences over the limit, so if you don't want to count that 1 entry I totally understand.)

  2. my twitter is pizaseven, and I posted your link and explained you were offering a free workshop :)

    I can copy and paste lol

    A government agent, Victoria Cunningham is betrayed by her fiance and set up for treason. She and her partner, Erica, and ex-fiance, Mario, must find the evidence she needs while being hunted by military and terrorists. She also has to face up to leaving Mario at the altar and convince him to forgive her.

  3. tweeted:

    Pitch: When everyone in town, including fifteen-year-old Mitch’s parents and best friend, become so obsessed with a book that they are literally reading themselves to death, Mitch must find a way to break the obsession or lose them all.

  4. Esme Blanchard lived her life in the shadows, a small part of London's dark underbelly. Ian Kirkbridge was part of the esteemed aristocracy. When their paths collide, a dark and twisted secret is revealed.

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  6. It's a little hard to see the links since they sort of blend in with the font, but they're there!

    Link to my blog

  7. 2 entries
    1 entry:
    Born with the werewolf gene:
    The good news, a biting sense of humor, a killer sense of style and control to keep from morphing during a full moon.
    The bad news, losing control anytime--when angry, drunk or even making love--will cause an unexpected change to the wild life.

  8. Hey, C.J. -
    I twittered the contest so, 2 entry:

    Here's the link to my blog entry:

    Here's my 2-3 line query pitch:
    Saying that sixteen-year-old Cate Allyn is in shock is the understatement of any century. All in one night, her beloved Granny Maggie is expelled from the totalitarian government’s nursing home; her father is arrested for treason; and she meets Gyan, a time traveler who tells Cate that the dystopian world she lives in results from renegades altering history for unscrupulous gains. The task of going back in time to undo the damage falls to her.


  9. What a great resource!


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