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Interview With The Mundie Moms: Young Adult Book Bloggers & Reviewers

I first met the Mundie Moms when Myra began talking with them on Twitter. I followed them, visited their blog, and soon became hooked. Need to know the scoop on the exciting new books hitting the shelves in the Young Adult (ages 13-17) genre? They've got it. Want a peek behind the scenes of your favorite author's life? They've got the backstage pass. Want to chat with authors, enter contests, and score free books and a host of other super cool book swag items? They've got it all.

According to their website:

Mundie Moms is a world wide fandom brought together through our love of discussing books. Mundie Moms was founded as a place to come and talk about our love of the Mortal Instrument Series. From there, it grew into a place to discuss YA books and more.

You will find links to our Mundie Moms forum, Cassandra Clare's forum, our book forums, books reviews, author chats and much more on our blog. Be sure to visit our Cassandra Clare forum, as Cassandra stops by to answer fan questions.

We're not your normal group of moms, nor are we all moms. We have fans that include women and men, teens and more who are a part of our blog or forum.

It's always so enjoyable to meet others who love books the way I do, so I was so thrilled when the Mundie Moms team agreed to be interviewed on my blog by none other than that charming rogue Captain Jack Sparrow.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Three of the four Mundie Moms team members

Now that you know who's who, let's dive into the interview and reveal the cupcake my hubby made for them. The Mundie Moms requested a cupcake with their Double M logo on it. Because their site has black, purple, and orange on it, my hubby decided to go with a purple background. He thanks the Mundie Moms for giving him the easiest cupcake assignment yet! Now, without further ado, I give you the cupcake and the Mundie Moms' interview with Captain Jack.

1. Would you classify yourself as a pirate or a member of Her Majesty’s Royal navy? Why?

We’re a different breed, altogether, *whispers* Mundie Moms. Have you heard of us?

2. A different breed? I admit to being slightly nervous. I thought I'd met and conquered every breed out there. What’s your favorite thing to do in Tortuga?

Read. It’s always our favorite thing to do.

3. Reading in Tortuga? You are a different breed! I’m offering you free passage aboard my ship to anywhere in the world. Where shall we go, love?

Idris, please.

4. Idris? I'm not familiar with it. But, as long as it has rum and some treasure for the taking, I'm game. Whom do you love the hero of a story to be most like: me (savvy, debonair, and unquestionably smooth with the ladies), the insufferably honorable Will Turner, or that deceptive little minx Elizabeth?

We have a thing for hot, honorable and snarky boys. Also extremely smart girls who don’t necessarily need saving from the hot, snarky boy.

5. Rum? Or more rum?

We like water. It’s healthy. Here, try some.

6. Darling, I'm afraid I must decline. Water is for sailing upon. Rum is for drinking. Which leads me to the age old question: Why is the rum always gone?

Because you’ve been there before, Captain Jack?

7. You know me too well. What’s the most piratish thing you’ve ever done?

Mundie Moms don’t like pirates who steal books. Stay away from that type of pirating and you’re safe from our wrath.

8. Are they rules? Or more like guidelines?

Always, guidelines. And new worlds to explore. We love when books have maps in the beginning.

9. I understand you love a good story-teller. Any undead monkeys in your favorite stories?

No, but we have our fair share of Downworlders. Sorry, Mundie Mom humor. We love all Downworlders.

10. I haven't met any Downworlders. Given my propensity to run into trouble with creatures not of this world, let's hope I never do. Any curses? Heartless monsters? Irritating women who insist on taking matters into their own hands?

No curses that we know of or heartless monsters. But, as far as irritating women go, fortunately, we count ourselves amongst those. We think of that as a Good Thing. *pauses* Don’t you?

11. Depends on whether you're currently holding my life in your hands. *backs away and reaches for sword* I'm beginning to think my life expectancy will increase tenfold if I never fun afoul of the likes of you. One of my favorite words is “egregious.” Care to share one of yours, love?

Mundane. I know, that was a big surprise.

12. Parlay? Or draw your sword?

Always a sword. *flips a stele in the air*

13. You’ve got a crowd of cursed sailors and a nasty sea monster on your trail. How do you escape?

Okay, Mundie Moms don’t like people who curse. Oh, I see … you said cursed. Not who curse. Because sailors do curse. At least the ones we know. I’m sorry, you were asking? Mundie Moms get distracted. Too many things to do. Are they hot, cursed sailors? Because then we’d want them to stop and chat for a while. And sea monsters don’t scare us, we’ve changed too many diapers in our lifetime. *gives Sea Monster the “Mommy Glare” and says “Go, to your room, now. Time out!”*

14. My darlings, I concede to your formidable attitude and do hope if war breaks out, you'll allow me the pleasure of being on your side of the battle. Romantic night in? Or adventure on the high seas?

“Bring me that horizon” – always the high seas.

15. Lovely. I couldn't agree more. My personal motto is: Take what you want, give nothing back. What’s yours?

“I’m pure at heart. It repels the dirt.”

Thanks for the fun interview, Mundie Moms! And for running such a fun fan forum (fun for authors and readers alike!) To learn more about the Mundie Moms, visit their site.

Now for some more fun! I asked the Mundie Moms to recommend their favorite book and the unanimous recommendation was Cassandra Clare's CITY OF BONES. (Which I've read and loved!) The Mundie Moms have this to say about CITY OF BONES:

We have to recommend Cassandra Clare's City of Bones. It has unbelievable plot twists, three dimensional characters and a richly layered mythology. Did we mention unbelievable plot twists??

In honor of the Mundie Moms, I'm giving away a copy of CITY OF BONES to one lucky blog reader! Simply leave a comment for the Mundie Moms to enter and check back tomorrow to see if you've won.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful interview! We had a great time being interviewed by Captain Jack Sparrow! The cupcake looks awesome!! Thank you for such a great giveaway. Good luck to everyone who enters!!

  2. This was a blast to do. Capt. Jack and a cupcake?? Could be a Mundie Mom Fantasy come to life!! LOL. Thank you, CJ, for the giggles and for the giveaway. City of Bones, well, for MMs it all started with that book.

  3. I must enter said contest b/c Myra keeps bugging me to read City of Bones. :) *crosses fingers*

  4. Ooh! I've been wanting to read this one! And, I've been meaning to check out Mundie Moms! Off to go do that! :)

  5. Captain Jack and Mundie Moms make a great interview pair! Loved it.

  6. Okay, I'm sold. I KEEP hearing about the Mundie Moms. I am off to check them out immediately. I also KEEP hearing about City of Bones. Hmmmm...

    CJ, I'm surprised you let Johnny out of the closet you have him chained in to do the interview.

  7. I loved reading that! so funny.


    Almost as deep as the ocean.

  9. I want City of Bones. ...and the Captain with a side of rum.

    Where shall we go? Anywhere you desire sweetheart. ;)

  10. I'm a faithful reader of the MM's blog and an avid twitter follower =)!

    Let's just hope i have as much luck in this giveaway as i have on their giveaways =D!~

    Much love!

  11. Wow, I'm impressed. These lovely ladies could've kept Captian Jack in check WAY better than Will Turner ever could.

    I really have NO idea how I've missed their blog all this time (can I blame my blonde hair, or has that excuse run its course?) but I'm hopping over there and following them now! (dun dun dunnnnnnn)

  12. This series is one I've been meaning to read for a while now.

    *goes back to studying for Shakespeare final*

  13. One of the most fun, entertaining and charming interviews I've read. Wish I got the chance to do more of these kind of interviews as a journalist as opposed to the depressing, straight-laced, dull and stiflingly way-too-serious hard news type ones! That cupcake looks way too good to eat and so yummy that you want to eat it at the same time, by the way... :P hehe

  14. Entering a comment for Travis Pearson, who was so cruelly denied by the beast that is blogspot.

  15. Teacher and 112 reading students, throwing in our names! Thanks for contest.

  16. Mundie Moms!! You're pure at heart!! Just like Isabelle!! ;o)

    Question... Would Cap'n Jace, I mean, Jack, consume a pink beverage??

    See you in Idris!! I'll be the one next to the fountain in the Hall.

  17. Loved the post!!And am crossing my fingers to win this book!!This serie is perfect!!!


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