Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Platypus Monday (Plus a chance to win 1 of 4 books!)

1. I admit it. Before the whole Hey Why Don't You Make A Were-Platypus Cupcake! movement on this blog (inspired by Shannon Messenger and Kerry Allen, may they rest in peace), I hadn't given the platypus more than a passing thought.

2. Now? They're everywhere.

3. Example A: I was watching tv with my kids the other day when a commercial for Littlest Pet Shop came on. Imagine my surprise when the pet being offered was a platypus.

4. Not that the item pictured inside that box looks even remotely like a platypus, but whatever.

5. I decided to investigate this strange occurrence (Because, really? Who expects to buy toy platypi for their kids? Not me.) and discovered the platypus is taking over the internet.

6. Most notably on a site that is a gift shop entirely focused on the platypus.

7. Some of my favorite platypus-inspired items?

Platypus Christmas ornaments. Nothing says Happy Holidays like a semi-aquatic mammal on a string!

A platypus wine stopper! (I love that the site describes this as an "elegant" gift. Because nothing says elegant, posh wine-lover like an animal that sweats milk.)

And my personal favorite:

Canned platypus. It's what's for dinner.

8. But all of those items combined can't possibly match the utter What Were They Thinking?! reaction I had to this gem.

9. You have to click on it and read the description to really get the full impact.

10. The platypus has EGGS. That SQUEAK. And that your dog PULLS from the platypus's sacred egg-carrying orifice.

11. And then YOU get the joy of STUFFING the eggs back IN said orifice.

12. Good times all around!

13. In an abrupt, non platypus-related subject change, I overheard a woman last week say she'd played Farm Town so much on Facebook, she'd decided she really wanted to buy a real farm and live the video game in real life.

14. ...

15. I certainly hope she doesn't decide to start playing Street Fighter IV.

16. In this week's poll (see sidebar), I've listed the titles of the books I'll be giving away in the coming weeks. Of course, the Wednesday interviews will have their own special giveaways!

17. To enter this week's giveaway (and to pick from one of those four books!), leave a comment on this post with three words you'd like to see me work into a piece of writing for this week's Friday Fiction.

18. Just three words.

19. If you have other, platypus-inspired comments to make, feel free, but only those comments including 3 words for my Friday Fiction challenge will go into the drawing.

20. Of course you can nab extra entries as well (but only those who also comment on this post will be in the drawing):

Leave comment w/3 words for Friday Fiction: 1 entry

Tweet a link to this post (include @cjredwine so I see it): 2 entries

Tweet a link to my query or plotting workshops (@cjredwine, : 3 entries

Be a blog follower: 2 entries

Please tally up your entries and include the total in your comment (to make sure I don't miss any) I'll do the drawing on Friday morning. Then, I'll use the winner's 3 words in a writing prompt, and the winner can choose from one of the four titles I'm currently offering as prizes!


  1. Tweeted about blog post and query workshop including you in the tweets and here are my 3 words: Allure, Couture, France so I think that's 6 entries in total? (unless it's meant to count as 3 as in do the three things and get an entry for each? oh I'm confused, too little sleep and bad at simple calculations, give me the Expansion of a Sum Equation anytime and I'm good but not the simple stuff! o.O lol)

  2. I wrote a poem about a platypus once, it was funny.

    My three words:
    blather, egregious, ornamental

    I tweeted your query workshop. well, I will as soon as twitter updates.

  3. Yay for contests! I'm a follower and here are my three words (I haven't started the Twitter yet... I keep hoping it will peter out before I get around to signing up): chicken, pajamas, ratio.

  4. *Dies Laughing*

    I LOVE that you are falling in love with the platypus. And who knew there were so many wonderful, platypus inspired products to choose from? Now I know I'll NEVER have a shortage of gifts to give you. :)

    Um...okay, three words for Friday Flashy Fiction. *Thinks*


    (hehe. You know you love me)

    Okay, I'm a follower (+2)
    I tweeted a link to your query workshop last night AND I have a link for it on my blog, so *I* think that counts! (+3)
    I gave you three inspiring words. (+1)
    And I tweeted a link to this post (+2)

    So...I think that means I have 8 entries. But feel free to give me more for being part of the inspiration behind this post. :)

  5. +1: 3 words for Friday Fiction: shellac, pirate, Legen-dary (These are all words I connect with you so I had to use them.)

    +2: Tweet a link to this post: RT'd your tweet.

    +3: Tweet a link to my query or plotting workshops: RT'd your tweet.

    +2: Be a blog follower: Done!

  6. +1 ring, slide, murderer
    +2 Follower


  7. Canned platypus? And the stuffed one with the eggs - far too creepy *shudder*

    So my 3 words will be creepy, shudder and stuffed.

    Have fun :)

  8. LOL. Aw, I used to have a stuffed platypus. I wonder what happened to it...

    My three words are:
    1) Galimaufrey
    2) Agamous

    Have fun with those C.J. =)

    +1-3 words
    +2-tweeted this link
    +3-I tweet about your workshops frequently
    8 entries!

  9. For your Friday Fiction:
    Platypus (You have to after this post)

    I admit, I cheated a little and used this for inspiration (

    Also, tweeting about the contest, so that gives me 3 entries :)

  10. Three Words: mutinous, endowed, feather

    I tweeted:

    I'm a follower.

    5 points for me! :)

  11. Okay, RT'd (@HeatherKegler),
    am now following (why did it take me so long to find you?)
    And 3 words for FF
    So I think I get +5

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Whoops, I commented under the wrong account. Posting again:

    Okay. I think I accomplished all the entry levels and hereby offer myself up for the contest. :)

    Three words:
    Fiesta (the Ford car version, not the party version)

    8 entries! Bam!

  14. Love this! Ahhh... Shannon...yes she definitely loves shall we say stir things up? lol Love her! At least I always want to be a spectator..never at war (unless I am on her side...)


    +1 3 Words: Dragon, Scintillating, Luciferous

    +3 Tweet Query Workshop (@southrnprincess)
    +2 Tweet Contest

    +2 Follower!

    8 entries! Woohoo! ;o)

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  15. my three words:

    tubular :)

    I'm a follower, so that makes it +3

    great contest!

  16. I'm a follower and will provide you with 3 words, so that gives me:
    3 entries!

    My words:
    shatter, torture, aspen

  17. seething, onomatopoeia, rationalization

  18. I tweeted @cjredwine, followed,
    and posting 3 words....5 entries?

    1. cadence
    2. tango
    3. lopsided

    nelope_2003 at

  19. Hello,

    I'm a new follower (2) and here is my 3 word suggestion (1).

    Cari (3 points)
    neohippy10 hotmail

  20. I loved the post! It made me giggle. Though the stuffed platypus with eggs made me shudder.

    Here's my three words:
    patch, ginger, dog

    +2 blog follower
    +1 three words
    total: 4 entries

    Lura ^_^

  21. um yeah...some of that stuff? disturbing. hehe.

    my three words:

    +1 for entry
    +2 I'm a follower


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