Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today's Interview

Today's scheduled interview has been moved to next Friday for a variety of really good reasons:

1. My hubby injured his knee and couldn't move around the kitchen crafting a cupcake of awesomeness.

2. My scheduled author wants to debut her brand new cover on this blog and doesn't have the green light to make it public until next week.

3. Rabid zombie grasshoppers invaded the Northern Hemisphere, cutting off most internet connections and reducing all inhabitable structures to rubble.

4. You weren't aware of the zombie grasshopper invasion? Sheesh, people. Keep up.


  1. LOL. Now I really want a flash fiction piece about zombie grasshoppers. And tell your husband I hope he feels better. I have a bad knee--and I remember the last time it went out. *shudders* Bed ridden for a MONTH! Hope it's nothing like that.

  2. How could we be aware of it? You just said they destroyed most internet connections. How ELSE do we get our news?

    Hope hubby feels better soon!

  3. Zombie grasshoppers! lmao Sooo funny. Undead hoppers. Probably not something great to experience though. Eewww, do they jump on you and feast on human flesh?! Ick.

  4. How did I miss the newsflash about the zombie grasshoppers! I've gotta get a better news source :)


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