Saturday, July 3, 2010

Winner: Sarah Rees Brennan Giveaway!

Before I announce the winner of the signed copy of DEMON'S LEXICON by Sarah Rees Brennan (that undergarment-wearing, nun-crushing instigator of the highly secretive Butter Incident!), I have to say the commenters did NOT make it easy on me. Why?

Because the first number to pop up belonged to the Adult Diaper spammer (I guess you mention undergarments enough in a post and you're really just bringing it on yourself.). The next one belonged to someone who opted out of the giveaway because she already owned the book. The next one belonged to someone who ALSO opted out of the giveaway for the same reason.

It was at this point that I realized I'd neglected to make my customary spreadsheet. We'll chalk that one up to a long day in the sun after a week of too little sleep, shall we?

Once I had my spreadsheet with all the qualifying entries tallied, it was simple! With no further ado, the winner of the signed copy of DL is red_reaper! Since you left me your email in the comments, I'll send you notification soon. :)


  1. Was I one of them? Because, if so, I think it's time to go play the lottery or a raffle.

  2. Actually, yes. Time to go buy a lottery ticket! If you win, I expect a percentage, of course, for being the one to discover your short-lived lucky streak.

  3. hmmm? was one of them me? If so, then my luck has already worn out, or I cursed it or something because my computer crashed when I tried to comment!

    Congrats and thanks CJ for doing the interviews!

  4. No, you weren't one of them. Did you opt out of the prize drawing? I think I had you on my spreadsheet...

    Maybe next time!

  5. Congrats Red! :)

    Happy 4th, CJ!

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