Monday, September 13, 2010

Steroids, You Say?

1. Blogger now has a shiny new toolbar available to me while typing posts.

2. It lets me change the color of my font.

3. Make things look ridiculous fancy.

4. And any number of other fun things. I may have a new addiction.

5. Of course, this sort of thing is only new to Blogger. Word Press and Live Journal have been doing this for years. But Word Press won't acknowledge my existence and LJ has tried on any number of occasions to kill me off, so Blogger it is.

6. Speaking of blogs, I forgot something very important in my second vacation post last week.

7. You know, the one about me grabbing a huge black beetle on accident with my bare hand?

8. You'll recall that I threw the beetle onto the bed (On accident. It was an instinctive Get This Thing Out Of My Hand throw) and then called Clint to come back to the room and deal with it for me.

9. What I forgot to tell you is that I had been ironing clothes.

10. That's important to know.

11. Because the first thing Clint said when I motioned toward the bed and told him I had a beetle trapped in a blanket was "Is this thing still hot?" as he grabbed the iron.

12. Yes, dear reader, he was planning to kill the big, fat, scary beetle by SEARING HIM INTO THE BEDSHEETS.

13. I promptly informed him that if he baked a beetle into the bed, we would have to move to another hotel entirely.

14. I may have to do another post on the strange search terms used to find this blog.

15. Some of them are doozies.

16. You can also expect upcoming interviews with best-selling authors Maggie Stiefvater (Shiver and Linger) and J.T. Ellison (the Taylor Jackson series) as well as an interview with a fun and fabulous editor.

17. And I'll continue writing Friday Fiction installments on the Meaghan Callahan short story.

18. But enough about all of that. I have more important things to tell you. Like the fact that maybe I was a little bit high over-medicated at work this weekend.

19. Not my fault, I assure you!

20. I pinched a nerve in my neck sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning and the dr prescribed a steroid pack, Celebrex, and Vicodin.

21. And HE TOLD ME to take all six of the first day's steroids, along with two Celebrex, in one shot.

22. So I did.

23. Right before I left for work.

24. I am the girl who gets woozy if she takes Tylenol Cold.

25. This was a guaranteed disaster in the making.

26. I arrived at work, started feeling odd, and then about fifteen minutes into a conversation with a co-worker, interrupted her to say the following: "Um ... huh? I know you're talking to me, but all I hear are colors."

27. And then I slumped against a wall when I was pretty sure I was trying to walk in a straight line.

28. I don't think I'll ever live it down.


  1. Of course the Vicodin does its job efficiently, since it is a narcotic widely used opioid for chronic pain. What we must realize is that the use of this medication alone is adequate.

  2. All at the same time??? Yikes! No wonder you're hearing colours. Scary stuff - so glad you're okay.


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