Friday, June 1, 2007

For What It's Worth

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I was once zapped by an electric fence.

2. I've nearly drowned twice.

3. I'm deathly afraid of semi-trucks.

4. I love roller coasters - the riskier, the better.

5. I love classics - books, films, music, you name it.

6. I cannot take most country music seriously. I really, really can't.

7. I do not eat apples.

8. I've survived two major earthquakes.

9. I once herded a bull out of an orchard and into a corral on my own and lived to tell about it.

10. I don't like chocolate.


  1. I knew 6 out of 10. I think its that whole mind connection thing

  2. That's a little scary, isn't it? =)

  3. That is a bad thing to hate chocolate when uyou wear it so well.

  4. Are you absolutely certain you want to throw that particular incident in my face? (no pun intended)

    You might join the ranks of FOOL.


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