Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Heart Failure: Imminent

As some of you know, my first novel is at Hachette Publishing Group (I just reread the email and it turns out Hachette is now called Grand Central Publishing, formerly Warner Books. Hard to keep up.) on final committee review (or something like that). I just received an email from the editor who initially requested the novel. She said the last person is reading it now and she should have an answer for me soon.

I have a few reactions to this:

1. I consistently fear heart failure every time I see her name in my inbox. My brain races with thoughts like, "Is this it? Will they buy it or say no? Can I survive either answer without a healthy dose of Moose Tracks ice cream?"

2. I want to sell this story. It's a great story. It's suspensful, romantic, and sometimes funny.

3. I'm scared because I don't have an agent and I don't want to screw up the contract and sell my literary soul to anyone for the next decade or so. Do I sign the contract, call an agent who has expressed interest in my writing (just not in this particular novel) and say "Hey, want to go for it?" or do I go solo?

4. I'm expanding my genre to include paranormal - if I sell this book will this publisher be willing to follow me or will I need to produce a few more romantic suspense books before I can market Alexa?

I have no idea what Hachette will decide, of course, so this may all just be useless worrying (but I'm really good at that!). I'll let you know as it unfolds.


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  2. When you get the yes from Hatchette I'd email the agent who's expressed interest in your writing. Tell them you've gotten an offer and wanted to see if they'd be interested in repping you.

    I hear you on the fear of "selling your literary soul" *smiles* just remember, as long as you make the best decision for yourself and the stories, you can't really go wrong.

    *bounces* I'm so excited for you!


  3. Thanks to you both! I think, if an offer actually materializes (and once I regain consciousness), I'll send a quick email to the two published authors who read my writing for me and ask their sage advice (in exchange for copious amounts of the poison of their choice - Chocolate, Ice Cream, Gin...)


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