Monday, June 18, 2007

What's In A Name?

So, my hubby is trying to come up with a cool name for his new cake decorating biz. I'm helping, of course. I decided to trot out all our ideas here and let you vote on your fav's or add new ones of your own.

The current favorite: Let Them Eat Cake

Strong Contenders: Frost This!, Cake Or Death (based on the infamous monologue by the British comedian Eddie Izzard), and Real Men Bake Cake

Rejected Ideas: Crazee Cakes (shout out to Malystryx), The Cakinator, The Cake Master (not to be confused with the master-caker), Cake-a-licious (hi there, Kelly) and others too embarassing to name.

I thought up each of the strong contenders and the initial idea (a riff on Marie Antoinette) for the current favorite. Personally, I LOVE Frost This! and Cake or Death but hubby worries that the first might be a tad strong and the last is too obscure. I say when you make super cool cakes that everyone wants, the name automatically becomes hip.

What say you?


  1. Funny...I don't see Sweet Nothings listed. =)

    I vote for Frost This!

  2. Crazee Oh geez. Well, I like them all.

  3. Thanks, mayberry! I'm not sure my husband thinks Sweet Nothings is manly enough...but it's cute!

    Malystryx that was most unhelpful. Which did you like best?

  4. I LOVE Clint-a-licious! It's my favorite!!!!!

  5. Soooo, Kelly, you vote for the rejected "Cake-a-licious"? My hubby will be so surprised...

    What do you really think? :)

  6. How about something simple but memorable so that people remember that Clint is the head honcho of cakes: Cakes by Clint?

  7. Jamn bell that's really nice. I'll tell him your idea.

  8. How about "The Cake Whisperer"?!

    Great job on the cakes this weekend -- it's a real art-form.

  9. The Cake Whisperer! I love it! That's incredibly creative.

  10. Here are a few suggestions:

    Clint's Creative Cakes
    Cakes a la Clinton
    Chef Clint Cakes
    Cakes by Chef Clint
    Clint's Specialty Cakes
    My 3 sons cakes
    C&C Cake Bakery

    Thanks for letting me put in my two cents worth!

  11. One more.....
    Clint's delectible cake creations

  12. Thanks, Carolyn. I think the My 3 Sons Bakery is cute!

  13. How about "Sweet Dreams"-Cakes by Clint.

  14. That's a nice one too, Mom.

    How about Cake of Dreams - If you frost it, they will eat. =)

  15. Sorry...I meant "Cake-a-licious"...But I really don't know...I'll let you know if I think of something!

  16. What about these?

    "Double Take Cakes"

    "Don't Forsake the Cake"

  17. okayy i without a doubt love "let them eat cake" its a fun name with almost an elegant feel.
    very nice. :) love the movie too.


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