Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yes, But I Have A Great Personality!

I was over at Jeaniene Frost's lj tonight and she had an entry listing 8 quirks of hers. Apparently the rules are, you list your 8 then tag 8 other people to read yours and then post their own.

She didn't tag anyone and neither will I. It just sounded like fun. Now, to narrow my quirks down to 8...

1. I have to brush my teeth multiple times per day. Have to. Cannot stand anything less than a fresh mouth. How far does this compulsion go? After I gave birth to my first child (26 hours of labor, no epidural, homorraghing for over an hour before I had him, and 2 hours of "rebuilding" as they stitched me up...all with NO FOOD for nearly 30 hours), I insisted that, even though it was midnight and I'd just endured hell, I had to go into the bathroom and brush my teeth. It took two nurses to get me there and then I passed out cold. They revived me (smelling salts will snap you back to consciousness and straight into next week) and I refused to leave until I finished brushing.

2. I "peel" the chocolate off candy bars when I eat them. Since I really don't care much for chocolate in the first place, I only eat candy bars that are peelable. (Look, everyone, a new word!) Twix, Kit Kat, and Reese's are the best. Get that pesky chocolate out of the way and the rest isn't half bad.

3. I am slightly afraid of goats. It's the horizontal pupil thing. It's not natural.

4. I do not stop at stop signs unless it cannot be avoided. I pause. Sometimes I only pause for a millisecond. (take, for example, the useless stop sign at the end of my cul de sac. My road ends onto a main road in our subdivision. Unless another car is coming, I don't need to stop. If another car is coming, I possess both the common sense and the wherewithal to stop, no commanding red sign needed.)

5. I cannot watch horror movies. Ever. My imagination is waaaaaay too vivid. Those images take root, fester, and become imminently plausible. I once tried to watch The Ring - during the day, to give me courage - and had to fast forward through the scary scenes and even then, I was freaked for days. I couldn't even watch X Files unless my hubby was home with me because I became convinced that a murderer would shape-shift and enter my locked condo through my air vent.

6. I don't like chick flicks. There are very few exceptions to this. "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" comes to mind. That's all.

7. I have to eat popcorn in a movie theater. I've tried to go without it (thank you Dr. Atkins for inspiring that piece of foolishness). It didn't work. I need my popcorn. I am a much happier woman with my popcorn.

8. I throw whip cream at unsuspecting people. (There are fewer and fewer unsuspecting people in my life, nowadays. Time to lure in some newbies.) I can't help it. I certainly don't want to eat it. And it makes such a perfect little fluffy missile.

Well, there they are. 8 (of many) quirks in my personality. Feel free to add any of YOURS, not MINE. I feel compelled to mention that since I know some of you (my hubby, Malystryx - who is currently on vacation, my Mom) might see fit to add a few more items onto my list. =)


  1. I'm so with you on the horror movies. *nods* And X-files. That episode with the creepy Hindu guy on the squeeky cart thing haunted me for DAYS!

    Here's a few of mine:

    1. I hate raw fowl. *shudders* I will never make a holiday bird of any kind because I simply cannot look at it without ye old gag reflex kicking in.

    2. Same thing with shrimp who still have their legs on. *shudders* Or any other food with too many long spindly legs. Thankfully I have a husband and a brother willing to peel shrimp for me. :D

    3. I talk to myself - constantly. Sometimes it's not me I'm talking to but characters. This has gotten worse over the last year, but the voices in my head insist I'm not crazy.

    4. (this is kind of a shared quirk for my husband and me) I talk to the cats - and then make them talk back. Hubby invented voices for all our cats at one point or another. They've stuck and now we hold regular conversations with them. Or make the cats have conversations with each other.

    They all have very unique voices. For example - the tiniest cat in the house swears like a sailor. Even the deceased cat chimes in on occasion.

  2. Oh I'm so with you on these. Raw anything, I can handle. (It's amazing how much you can handle after having to clean up after three boys!)

    But I DO NOT eat anything with legs, eyeballs or any other identifiable "parts" still intact. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

    And I talk to myself. All the time. I even argue or talk myself down or debate. What can I say? I'm a very interesting conversationalist.

    I talk to my cat and dog but as yet have not invented voices for them. That's hilarious!!

    So far, the only foods to activate my gag reflex are apples, green beans, lima beans, and fried chicken livers. (thank you so much, Malystryx, for making me try that little piece of heaven.)

  3. 1. I agree. I carry a bottle (large bottle) or mouthwash in my car. I use it everytime I get out of it, even if I stop twice in one short trip. I also have a bottle in my bedroom and one in my bathroom.

    2. I guess you could say I "peel" mine too.

    3. Your fear is the only un-natural thing about it...haha.

    4. That's illegal. You're a law breaker. Just wait 2 years, drive in Nashville, you're mine!

    5. Come on! 50% of my movie collection is horror! Put that vivid imagination to good use, fear! Mwah ha ha.

    6. Thank you, spread the word to other females, mainly ones with names starting with K and ending with elly.

    7. 10 dollars later, Clint is even happier you're enjoying that popcorn I'm sure.

    8. That target better never be me, or esle.

  4. Very amusing, Malystryx. You're supposed to list your own, not just comment on mine.

    And if you ever pull me over (Mr. Traffic Laws Only Matter To Me When I'm Driving Behind C.J.), you'll have to arrest me for assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, and using my vocabulary (extensive as it is) as a deadly weapon.


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