Monday, June 25, 2007

Need Something To Read?

I hear all this buzz lately about "summer reads". I don't know what the big deal is because I read constantly year round but hey, anytime people carve out more time for reading, I'm all for it.

Here are a few books I've read recently that are well worth running down to your local bookstore and snatching up a copy:

WICKED LOVELY by Melissa Marr. This debut novel is a gorgeous modern-day fairytale complete with beautiful, horrible, deadly, and noble faeries seen only by a teenage girl, Aislinn, gifted/cursed with the Sight at birth. In the faery world, the Winter Queen (a deliciously bloodthirsty villain the likes of which haven't been portrayed since Lewis's White Witch) is in a centuries-old feud with her son, the Summer King (a great big YUM with a heaping side of "don't trust him as far as you can throw him"). The Winter Queen wants to keep ALL the power and freeze Earth completely, killing the Summer faery and every human. The Summer King wants to stop her and regain the balance of the seasons. The only way he can do it is to convince Aislinn to accept his hand and become his Summer Queen. The Winter Queen will stop at nothing to prevent this. As the rules that have always kept Aislinn safe from the faery crumble and two powerful monarchs threaten her existence and her chance at true love, Aislinn must fight to save the faery kingdom she fears and the man she loves without losing her soul in the process.

KILLER INSTINCT by Joseph Finder. Jason Steadman is a thirty-year-old sales executive living in Boston andsworking for an electronics giant He's a witty, charismatic guy who's well liked at the office, but he lacks the "killer instinct" necessary to move up the corporate ladder. To the chagrin of his ambitious wife, it looks as if his career has hit a ceiling. But all that will change one evening when Jason meets Kurt Semko, a former Special Forces officer just back from Iraq. Looking for a decent pitcher for the company softball team, Jason gets Kurt, who was once drafted by the majors, a job in Corporate Security. Soon, good things start to happen for Jason —and bad things start to happen to Jason's rivals. Things soon spiral out of control as co-workers who've spoken out against Jason's recent promotion are killed. Jason suspects Kurt but when he turns to the police, Kurt discovers it. With the police compromised and Jason's home, car, and office bugged, it's up to Jason to stop Kurt. Permanently.


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