Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sappy Hallmark Warning!

Okay, this is a fairly sappy poem, I'm sure. It doesn't have any of the gothic undertones of most of the poetry I write but the theme just didn't call for it (and it's good practice to write happy, happy, joy, joy stuff now and then, right?) Anyway, see the post beneath this one to find my source of inspiration.


Beneath bright smiles and laughter pure
A void lingered and beckoned here
A quiet sense of loss and grief
That spoke to me from underneath

Every person who saw me and said “how strong”
I wanted to shout right back “how wrong”
Every person who said, “she’s got it together”
Then ran to hide from my stormy weather

I held them up to my inner space
Searched for truth written on their face
And every one of them was wrong
Not one of them really did belong

I needed someone true and real
Someone willing to go deeper still
Someone to love me when I was easy to take
But who loved me more when I threatened to break

Someone to listen with more than their ears
To delight in my laughter but stay through my tears
Someone to find more than I thought I could give
Someone to cherish and freely forgive

Someone uniquely shaped just for me
My kindred spirit, my foe’s enemy
My brave defender, with love pure and true
My empty space was waiting for you.


  1. Wow, I have copied, pasted, and saved so many things that you write, it's insane. I like this, it doesn't have that dark undertone, but it's I love it.

  2. Glad you like it. I write something sappy like this about once every two years...


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