Thursday, August 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Malystryx!

Malystryx is celebrating his birthday today (and also entering the next decade of his life!). My hubby is finishing a really cool birthday cake for him with a sword buried in an anvil and spilling shattered gems out of the anvil and around the hilt of the sword. It's amazing.

I want to wish Mal a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and give my top ten reasons why I'm glad he was born:

1. He is one of my best friends and I can't imagine my life without him.

2. He not only loves the concept of a code of honor, he lives one.

3. He is constantly trying to take over the world. (never a boring moment!)

4. His loyalty to God, his family, and his friends is absolutely unshakeable.

5. He makes me laugh.

6. His comptetive streak is insane. (and is a match for mine! yay!)

7. He is a deep thinker and isn't afraid to dig into ideas that others might find too "out there" to contemplate.

8. He is unapologetic about who he is: Take him or leave him, he'll be fine.

9. Once he loves someone (fiancee, friend, or family), his commitment to loving them, protecting them, understanding them, and taking care of them is unswerving.

10. He shares my warped sense of humor.

Happy Birthday, Mal!


  1. Wow. That means a lot. Thank you. You're the best. See you tonight!

  2. I am the best. Thanks for noticing. =)

    *hums the happy birthday song under her breath even though she promised not to sing...*

  3. Happy Birthday Mal! Nice picture. But where is the cape??

  4. I lost in the epic battle where I slayed all those that wrongly named me after a tight-wearing female!

  5. =D Thanks for the Bday wishes though!


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