Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Thought

today I overheard someone say

there's something wrong with the world today

when babies cry and no one comes

when we kill each other by the thousands

and we stuff our face while millions starve

and devour news of every broken heart

we see pain, suffering, and look away

lest it sink beneath our skin to stay

we hear the atrocities and shake our heads

congratulate ourselves in our comfortable beds

that we escaped another's fate

then complain we've got too much on our plate

and maybe it's right, maybe we're a mess

maybe we can't get out of this

maybe all of life is meaningless


we see the child without a home

and throw open the doors of our own

we choose to spare when we could cause pain

we grieve with the one who is suffering

we open our eyes, we seek and find

the ones beside us who are dying

for compassion, for mercy, for someone to stand

and be their voice, be their friend

maybe we travel across the world to see

or maybe we look across our street

and find the courage to meet the need

find the mercy to help someone believe

that nothing's wrong that can't be undone

when we come together and stand as one

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