Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday's To Do List

1. Find a substance that will un-glue oatmeal from my table without also eating through my table. Try substance on the oatmeal that is mysteriously glued to my living room floor as well.

2. Firmly explain to my cat that entering the litter box but then backing up to the edge and depositing the goods onto the floor doesn't count as proper kitty etiquette.

3. Take the dog to the groomer's and wish them luck.

4. Wash my umpteenth load of laundry for this week.

5. Iron at least 30 items (*wrestles poster of the Fabulous Captain Jack into position for motivation but leaves the rum safely in the cupboard*).

6. Read a few more chapters of Katy's fantastically entertaining novel!! (*poster of Captain Jack not needed but travels easily to the office anyway*)

7. Plan to avoid getting a bucketful of ice dumped on me tonight by Mal, who has threatened me with certain doom after my clear, cinnamon-scented triumph on Wednesday....haven't shared the details here but it was a thing of subtle beauty which he will busily argue never happened.

8. Plant a body in Alexa's office just to mix it up a bit.

9. Spend about an hour with my hubby between his work schedule and mine.

10. Clean every toilet in the house wearing a hazmet suit, three pairs of gloves, and a Yankee air freshener around my neck.

Should be a productive day!


  1. Aww, how could Mal ever argue with you?

    That man does seem to attract cinnmon though, doesn't he? I started reading your blog around the time you posted the original cinnamon incident with Mal. That was one of the funniest posts you've ever done!

  2. Planting a body in Alexa's office?

    You really are cruel, aren't you? ;)

  3. #2 - you too, huh?

    #6 - *blushes*

    #8 - I'm dying here! :D (I'm reduced to typing with one hand, that means no writing for me this weekend - hint, hint)

  4. Mayberry - yes, Mal does seem to attract cinnamon. It's very strange...

    K - I think I prefer the word "entertaining" to "cruel" - although what it says about me that I find killing off secondary characters entertaining, I don't know.

    Katy - I get your hint but you'll have to hang on a little longer...very busy weekend and I'm playing around with some things to see which plot line I want to use. Soon, I promise. Soon.

  5. I think I prefer the word "entertaining" to "cruel" - although what it says about me that I find killing off secondary characters entertaining, I don't know.

    *puzzled* Isn't that what secondary characters are for? :D

  6. Exactly. Either show up and provide some color or show up and die. Either way works for me. = )


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