Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday's To-Do List

1. Discover a way to successfully remove hardened silly-putty from carpet.

2. Walk the dog, being sure not to allow him to poop on anyone's lawn (unless it's the lawn of that Lucy dog who keeps pooping on ours).

3. Do yet another load of laundry.

4. Read more of Katy's book and discipline self to slow down long enough to think of intelligent comments to make (Must Not Devour Book Whole! Must Not Devour Book Whole!).

5. Celebrate the end of a writing funk by detailing a synopsis and ruthlessly pruning a character from the manuscript...I'll bring him back in later.

6. Marvel that my boys have kept their rooms clean for several days in a row. Warn myself not to get used to it.

7. Convince myself that celery really is an enjoyable snack.

8. Send my nephew's overdue birthday card.

9. Iron, dang it. Iron. (Wrestles Captain Jack into position)

10. Work the closing shift at Cracker Barrel with Mal...try not to kill anyone with produce.


  1. You sound so excited about #10. I am totally.

    I am arming myself with red skin potatoes tonight, those could do some damage. Watch out!

    Nah, kidding. We're on the same side, remember!?

  2. *insert giggling Eddie icon here*

    It's so hard to pull out characters we really want to play with right that moment. I had to slap myself a few times because I was trying to do that with RH (and as you've seen I did it all the time with the Chronicles!)


  3. Mal - I'm always excited about closing down the Barrel. Who wouldn't be? = ) And you can throw all the potatoes you want...just leave me the carrots.

    Katy - Yes, that was the problem. Gabriel needs to remain in the background a bit more...more of the silent, somewhat menacing helper until it's the right time to bring him forward.

    It only took a month of playing around with it to figure that out... = (

  4. *hugs* No worries, Hon.
    He's awfully interesting, I can understand how you'd want to bring him forward. But yeah, I agree that it's probably best to keep him back for a bit until it's really time to hear him.


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