Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Things

*Admits to shamelessly stealing current blogging idea from the more-than-capable hands of WandererinGray*

*Didn't ask permission first.*

*Ducks incoming fish.*

15 Random Things About My Week:

1. I have yet to convince my cat that when it comes to the litter box, it isn't the thought that counts.

2. My middle child has a wickedly sharp sense of humor. It's his saving grace that he can make me laugh. ;)

3. I don't have to visit my oncologist again until March! Yay! (unless, of course, I get the phone call instead of the post card but I think I'm in the clear at this point.)

4. I doubled the sit-ups and push-ups I'm doing. I've decided maybe I like pain.

5. I'm just twisted enough to celebrate the writing of a truly chilling death scene. (Yes, Katy, it's coming to you soon!!)

6. I'm reading a truly thought-provoking book: THE VOICE OF THE HEART by Chip Dodd.

7. My hubby caved and got me unlimited texting on my phone. Now I can write with my phone too! Life is nearly perfect.

8. I'm making progress on project Stop Doubting Yourself.

9. I've never seen anyone who can consume more carbs and sugar in one sitting than Mal. He's lucky he works out so much.

10. My new iPod is on its way (early Christmas gift from my hubby). Now I just have to figure out how to use it. :)

11. Why on earth did I say I could think of 15 things to say here?

12. I'm making a strict writing schedule for the next 3 weeks so I can finish Alexa (and yes, Katy, I do hear you screaming all the way from the Springs!).

13. I'm missing my daughter this week. This doesn't bode well for my emotional state of mind at Christmas!

14. I laughed my head off at a picture of "Snapes on a Plane". That's right up my abnormal little alley.

15. I am still head over heels in love with my hubby and we're closing in on 13 years.

On to the weekend!!


  1. *grins winningly at #5 and 12* Woot!

    Steal away. I won't throw fish for that. Now if you don't make your 3 week schedule .... *brandishes fish*

    iPods are the best.

    Wow. 13 years. *thinks* Hubby and I are on year four this Christmas Eve. Congratulations!


  2. Oh LOL on convincing that cat that it isn't the thought that counts!

    Good news about the oncologist.

    No thank you to the pain of push-ups and sit-ups.

    Love a chilling death scene! *grins*

    When can we read all of Alexa???

    And what on earth is Snapes on a Plane?

  3. Thanks, Katy. Our anniversary is Dec. 17th...nice to find another person crazy enough to get married at the holidays. Brilliant minds and all that...

    Mayberry: You can read all of Alexa when it hits bookshelves and you can bet I'll be making a big deal of that event here so you won't miss it! (stiletto-toting book tour coming to a city near you!)

    And to really get Snapes on a Plane, you need to be an avid Harry Potter fan. I think I remember you saying you haven't read them yet. =)


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