Monday, September 17, 2007

The Results

Earlier, I posted a list of what I needed to accomplish this weekend. Here, in no particular order, are the results:

1. I didn't quite catch up on all the laundry but I am today. I have too. My children are complaining about their lack of underwear.

2. I didn't catch up 1/2 of the ironing. Or even 1/4. But I will today. I swear it.

3. We managed the skate party and all of the kids' homework on Thursday night and it was fun.

4. We managed a sleep-over, me working til closing, and whatever else happened on Friday without losing our sanity. Always a bonus.

5. I took my oldest out to run errands with me Saturday morning and bought a bunch of new shirts for him (yay Goodwill!!) only to discover this morning (when the weather changed enough to warrant wearing pants) that he's grown out of his pants too. *sigh*

6. I didn't finish writing 8 chapters of Alexa (sleep claimed's been another few days of burgeoning insomnia) but I did get some new material done that I truly love and the wheels are turning and the characters are speaking and I can see the novel taking its finished shape. (Oh happy day!)

7. I'm nearly done critiquing K.B.'s book (again, fell asleep early last night, but I'm not complaining!) and will finish by tonight.

8. Went to the housewarming party. Ate food. Brought a cake and it was a hit (as is every cake my hubby makes)

9. Went grocery shopping after church on Sunday. Possibly forgot to buy a few things but since I have three boys, I'll be going again soon. By myself. Always, by myself.

10. Managed to delegate the mopping to my hubby but since I ended up cleaning the boys' bathroom, I'm not sure it was a good trade.

11. Had 28 people over and it was fun, all went smoothly, and there was plenty of food...although now my youngest is missing his glasses...Starshine and keeping track of glasses do not a good combination make.

And the highlight of my weekend: Mal and his fiancee went to lunch with us after church and he was pushing my buttons (as usual) so I retaliated with some limp lettuce down the back (you know me and produce...) and the next thing I know, he's wrestling me for that lettuce and he knocks over his HUGE cup of Mt. Dew...right into my lap.

Very cold. And since I was wearing jeans (and thankfully NOT the white skirt I originally planned on wearing!), it was fairly awkward trying to walk.

To send sympathy cards or flowers to his funeral, contact me - I'll put you in touch with a local florist.

So, yes, it was crazy busy, as my life usually is, but it was also productive and I spent a lot of time with family and friends so I feel relaxed going into this week. I'm even ready to tackle the ironing pile which (if you can believe it) when placed on a chair is taller than me. Yikes!


  1. I don't know how you do it. You feel relaxed after that???

    I'd be institutionalized.

    And I'd love to send flowers to Mal's funeral. I'll get a beautiful pink pansy wreath in the shape of a W.

  2. The highlight of your weekend huh? Nice.

    And you better get on that laundry, I mean, what else do senior citizen women have to do besides laundry? =D

  3. I hear murder among senior citizen women is becoming quite the hobby.


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