Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kids Say...

Tonight, as we were driving to the skate park, my middle child began discussing a favorite movie of his (one of the 1960's Godzilla...he's unique, what can I say?).

My oldest piped up that Godzilla had a cuss word in it. I said, "Well, you know better than to say them, don't you?"

And my middle child reassured me with: "Don't worry, Mom. I don't even know how to use them in a sentence."

It's nice to see a child of mine concerned with proper grammar.

Later, in that same drive, my middle child became upset at my youngest and told on him: "Starshine interrupted me!"

Whereupon Starshine started to cry and yelled, "He used my name in vain!"

My hubby and my oldest soon had to apologize to Starshine for laughing at him.

Life is just never dull around here.

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