Thursday, September 13, 2007

What's On My Plate

To Do By Sunday Night:

1. Catch up on all laundry...double checking the toy box, under the beds, beneath the couch cushions, and on top of all ceiling fans for stray socks and underwear.

2. Catch up on all ironing. Or at least 2/3 of it. Okay half. Half. Call upon Captain Jack for help if necessary.

3. Write 8 chapters of Alexa. Pray that the new plot line works smoothly. Resolve not to tear out hair if it doesn't. Nobody likes an author with bald patches.

4. Buy new t-shirts for the oldest child who simply refuses to stop growing.

5. Sweep, vacuum, and mop all floors. Or delegate to hubby if I can catch him by surprise.

6. Go bowling with co-workers. Use bumpers. With pride. Take care not to do another belly flop with those silly rent-a-fungus-apparently-traction-isn't-necessary-for-running-on-a-waxed-surface-shoes.

7. Clean all bathrooms except the boys'. Make them clean their own bathroom until they learn the proper definition and use of "toilet paper" and "flushing" and "capping the toothpaste rather than squirting out excess and leaning the tube against the mirror".

8. Go to a house-warming party. Buy a gift first. Hope they know how to set out a decent spread as that will have to count as dinner Saturday night.

9. Close Cracker Barrel Friday night. Refuse to wait on any obvious idiots.

10. Consider closing Cracker Barrel Saturday night too...check energy level before committing to that.

11. Finish reading and critiquing K.B.'s book. =)

12. Have 28 people over Sunday night. Thank God for sitters who can keep 16 children quietly occupied upstairs while the adults have time to themselves.

13. Cook food for Sunday night.

14. Take kids to a skating party. Fit copious amounts of homework around that party.

15. Check sanity levels...if running low, call a friend for help.

16. Send out birthday cards to hubby's grandma (late again, darn it!), my sister, and my grandma.

17. Sleep at some point. I hope. Or, as my hubby always points out, I can sleep when I'm dead. Somehow, I doubt mothers actually sleep, even when they're dead. I think once you break a habit so completely it just never comes back.

Should be a busy weekend. =)


  1. This makes my weekend look like a vacation. I don't know how you do it.

  2. Lol. You don't know the meaning of "slow" do you? Let us know how it goes for you.

    And I hope when you say you might call on Captain Jack for help with the ironing that you are refering to looking at that poster of Jack Sparrow and not to Jack Daniels.

    Although we all know you + ironing + whiskey would make for a very interesting blog post!

  3. Honestly I get tired just reading that. Twenty-eight people in your house?? Eeep!


  4. I get tired reading it too...oh wait, I'm just tired period. =)

    And the 28 people over thing is one of my definitions of "fun". Besides, 16 of them are kids and will be upstairs. I love having friends over! =)

  5. And if you need anything, DO NOT hesitate to ask. Or I will end you. =)

  6. Pfft. #15 referred to you and you know it.

    And you couldn't end me on your best day. I refuse to die by 1000 island dressing.


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