Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Today is Mal's fiancee's birthday. Last night my hubby and I took the cake he made for her and some presents and showed up at her job to celebrate the life of a beautiful, generous, warm-hearted girl who lights up every room she enters.

What woman doesn't love handbags? My hubby made a gorgeous Louis Vitton.

Isn't she gorgeous? Even in our ugly Cracker Barrel uniforms! =)


  1. Holy crap!! That is an amazing cake. Tell Clint I had no idea he had this talent in him. Has he ever watched the TV show on Food Network, "Ace of Cakes"? Clint should go work for him or at least start his own bakery and get a TV show!

  2. He loves Ace of Cakes!! He does his cake business on the side right now. The name of his "bakery" is Once Upon A Cake.

    I'll get some pictures of the watermelon cake he recently made for someone. It's incredible!

  3. I love you!! Thank you both soooo much!!!! :)

  4. That's incredible! It looks real. Maybe your hubby should do one of those food network cake challenges!


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