Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend Highlights

1. The Titans squeezed out a last minute victory over the Falcons and TSU spanked Florida so my hubby was happy and incidents of road rage and shooting up a neighbor's fence/pick-up/barn were down all across middle Tennessee.

2. The class of 3 year olds we teach on Sunday mornings includes a beautiful Chinese girl named Isabel and she decided to spent most of the morning cuddled up to me. =)

3. Kelly had a wonderful birthday.

4. My youngest wandered out of the house Sunday afternoon looking completely normal and returned moments later with a smear of what looked like white paint across his forehead. When asked what it was and how it got there, he looked vaguely confused and said, "I don't know. Nothing happened." And that was all the explanation we ever got. Did I mention we call him Starshine?

5. My hubby had a great week at work and several positive things are happening for him there. Since he is the most talented man I know, I'm thrilled to see his company value him for the incredibly hard-working, creative man I know him to be!

6. Mal and Kelly went on a double date with my hubby and me Sunday night. Yay for friends who thinks it's fun to wander Barnes and Nobles for an hour and half!

7. I bought the coolest book. It's called MEDIEVAL FOLKLORE: A GUIDE TO MYTHS, LEGENDS, TALES, BELIEFS, AND CUSTOMS. It's organized like an encyclopedia and I'm so excited to dive into it!

8. Mal bought books on Karate, Judo, and something vaguely unpronounceable (ngyonging? maybe? that's my guess...) and promised to practice them on me. He'd better bring his A game.

9. One of my teenage surrogate daughters (and our regular babysitter) now has a cell phone on our plan and has sent literally THOUSANDS of texts in one week. You have to just admire the girl's ability to find so many things to say.

10. I overhead my oldest coaching his brothers on what to do if they are ever confronted with a bad man holding a gun. It went something along the lines of, "run away and I'll stand in front of him and take the bullet for you. I'd rather die than have you die." Yes, I got choked up over that one. Then I thanked him for his bravery and told him to plan on running too.

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  1. Oh I love friends who like to wander Barnes and Nobles!

    And a book on Medieval really are an eclectic woman, you know that? =)


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