Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Writing Contest

I entered my first novel, DYING TO REMEMBER, in amazon.com's Breaththrough Novel Contest today (thank you Anna for the heads-up!).

The winner gets a publishing contract with Penguin, a $25,000 advance, and tons of publicity on Amazon. The semi-finalists get to negotiate with Penguin for sales of their manuscripts too (though they can also take their MS elsewhere if an agreement can't be reached in 30 days).

The semi-finalists will be announced in a couple of months and then it gets interesting. An excerpt from each of the semi-finalists will be posted on amazon for customers to rate and review. Each semi-finalist will also get a full critique from Publisher's House. The exerpts with the highest ratings and reviews go to NYC for an awards banquet where one of them gets the grand prize.

Soooo, IF I am chosen as a semi-finalist, I will put the word out to my online community and ask all of you to get all of your friends and all of their friends and all of their friends....you get the idea....to hop over to Amazon and give me a rating and a critique!!

More info as I get it! =)


  1. Oh goody! I'll vote for you. You have to let us know when we can vote!


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