Monday, December 17, 2007

13 - My New Favorite Number

Today marks our 13th wedding anniversary. I can say with honesty that there were hard years and glorious years and that I don' t regret a thing.

Here are 13 things I've learned about marriage:

1. The feeling of being in love comes and goes but a rock-solid friendship never wavers.

2. Men really don't appreciate advice on how to hang Christmas lights.

3. Sometimes men need a hint the size of Texas to know what you want or need from them but the fact that they care enough to want to get it right means more than their inability to read minds.

4. Women have stronger stomachs when it comes to cleaning up things like vomit and excrement. (or is that just a vast conspiracy to convince us to do all the dirty work?)

5. It's better to be kind than right.

6. Fight fair.

7. Laughter is the second most important ingredient in a successful relationship.

8. Integrity is the first.

9. Making time spent together a priority is an excellent way to stay connected at the heart.

10. Any man who agrees to try a food experiment where canned salmon (bone- in! oops!) and yogurt are involved should get a medal.

11. Have a hobby, all your own, that you are passionate about and be interested in the hobby of your mate.

12. Speak as respectfully of your partner behind his back as you would to his face.

13. Never withhold affection or words of love when it is in your power to give them.

And that concludes my brief foray into Dear Abby territory. *grins*
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  1. It doesn't seem possible that 13 years have come and gone since that beautiful Christmas wedding in California. Three beautiful boys and a daughter on the way....what a blessing it has been. May you have many more wonderful years together and may the joy of laughter always fill your home. Hugs & Love from both of us. B&C

  2. Happy Anniversary! And I checked out your hubby's blog...he says such sweet things about you! You two seem very happy.

  3. I have a blog? Oh yeah, that thing I'm supposed to write in, but never do. Thanks for reminding me! :-)

    Thank you CJ...I love you! :-)


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