Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Random Tuesday List

1. I'm sending out my Christmas cards today - minus any newsletter this year since my computer and my printer are currently not on speaking terms.

2. Half of the kids' presents are wrapped.

3. Starshine asked how old I am. I said 33. He then informed me that this was my thirty-tooth Christmas. I didn't correct him with "32nd" because thirty-tooth is just so cute.

4. The laundry has formed ranks, elected a general, and is now staging a major coup to take over the house.

5. I need to bake cookies...but when? When??

6. Sunday. I can bake cookies Sunday.

7. I forgot to buy more tape last night so now I have to go back to the store. I'm thrilled.

8. Paul and I introduced Dusty to The Lord of the Rings Sunday night. Always fun to cultivate a new groupie.

9. Saw I Am Legend Sunday afternoon as part of my anniversary date with hubby. It was good enough but not something I care if I see again.

10. Hubby is taking kids to see National Treasure 2 tomorrow night (preview tickets or something...I'm working).

11. How many items does a list need to have?

12. Can I just cut it off at a wierd number like 17?

13. Missing some addresses for my Christmas card list...if you got an email from me, better respond promptly or your card is going to be late. :)

14. If you make sustained eye contact with my cat, she feels compelled to come to you.

15. Unless, of course, you really want her to come to you because she's into something she shouldn't be. Then, she can stare you down with no problem whatsoever.

16. I dislike the word "loiter". Rhymes with "goiter". Ugh.

17. Off to do laundry, run errands, walk around the block, clean my kitchen, wrap some presents, write some chapters, shower, and go to work....

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  1. FYI - Just found out this morning that Peter Jackson and New Line have finally come to terms on a 2-movie deal for The Hobbit!!!!!!!

    I'm so geeked.


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