Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Birthday Post

Today is my 34th birthday and so I decided to make a list, of sorts. I'm going to try for 34 things I've learned so far in life. If I run out...I'll improvise. *grins*

1. Nothing is as important as passionately pursuing a relationship with Christ.

2. Nothing is quite as intimidating as a belligerent farm animal.

3. Ice cream made from fresh cow's milk has no equal.

4. Shag carpet is a fad best left to rot in the musty halls of 70's history.

5. A true friend is worth more than all the wealth in the world.

6. Children are both the biggest blessing and the biggest challenge you will ever face.

7. Good table manners are essential but so is the ability to out-burp your boys when the occasion calls for it.

8. Boys are more impressed by a mom who can turn a swig of rootbeer into a 4.6 earthquake than a mom who always supplies milk and cookies.

9. It is always wise, when one has young boys underfoot, to check the oven (don't forget the broiler!!) for toys before turning it on.

10. People are always more important than any "to do" list.

11. Everyone should have a cause they are passionate about.

12. Those who truly make a difference take that passion and turn it into action.

13. Tip well.

14. One should do one's best to avoid instances of obvious idiocy.

15. When one realizes one has acted like a senseless goose, one should be the first to laugh at oneself.

16. Maintaining a sense of humor is the key to enjoying life.

17. There is no substitute for integrity.

18. There is no substitute for cow's milk. At least not one that is truly edible.

19. Voracious reading is like having your own unlimited mental playground.

20. Music should be an essential part of every child's life.

21. Truth matters.

22. Being honest about yourself, even the things you don't want to face, is the only way to live in intimacy with others.

23. Goats are hideously fascinating creatures.

24. Most chick flicks are highly overrated.

25. Vote every time. Don't complain about anything if you don't.

26. Treat those who keep us safe - our armed forces, our local police force - with respect and thankfulness that someone is willing to stand between you and the predators out there.

27. Speak up when it matters.

28. Having a home open to others is more important than keeping a home spotless.

29. Besides, once you have children, the definition of a "clean" house becomes much more flexible.

30. Find something you love to do and pursue it.

31. Be trustworthy.

32. Real joy comes not in avoiding the pain dealt out in life, but in finding hope within the pain.

33. Soap operas are a waste of time and brain cells.

34. Offer forgiveness freely and be grateful when others do the same for you.

And one to grow on:

Love fiercely, truly, and forever.


  1. And love, love, love.

  2. Yes! Did I leave that off? Sheesh.

    I'll add "one to grow on"...

  3. Happy Birthday! May your day be filled with laughter, joy and wonder! Hugs & Love...B&C


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