Sunday, February 17, 2008

Week In Review

1. Starshine + markers + glue stick + infatuation with Star Wars = Darth Maul where Darth Maul should never go.

2. Honestly, who flushes K-nex???????

3. Turns out I don't like sparkling grape juice very much. Tastes flowery.

4. Hearing the words "Hey Mom! I washed the dog!" causes an instant adrenaline rush.

5. Especially when mud was involved in lieu of soap.

6. The Scientist loves texting just a little too much. (As evidenced by the fact that after bedtime, he now texts me to tell on his little brothers.)

7. Knighthood on Facebook is addicting.

8. Girl Scout cookies (and, by proxy, Girl Scouts themselves) are of the Devil.

9. My mother finally has a cell phone and knows how to text. Now to get her hooked on an ipod...

10. People who do not wish to appear ridiculously unintelligent should refrain from throwing tantrums over the fact that we ran out of potato soup after the dinner rush.

11. Also, people should not throw tantrums over the lack of buttermilk to drink.

12. Although perhaps the simple act of ordering a tall glass of buttermilk to compelment your catfish is an act of ridiculous unintelligence in itself.

13. But I digress.

14. Or do I?

15. Belk has the sexiest stilettos I've seen in a long time.

16. Too bad they start at $98 a pair.

17. They'd have to feel like Reeboks for me to pay $98 a pair.

18. Jumper looks like the first interesting movie of the year.

19. Had to buy new shoes for both Daredevil and Starshine because, through an act of staggering inconsideration, they both chose the same day to outgrow their current footwear.

20. Hopefully, The Scientist will wear his current pair until summer.

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