Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This one totally reminds me of my cat Taz when she was a kitten. On my hubby's first meal with my family, my mom cooked lasagne. We'd already explained the origins of Taz's name to my hubby but either he failed to believe our claims of a small feline Tasmanian Devil or he seriously underestimated the lengths to which she would go to procur something to her liking. My mom had already dished a serving of lasagne onto my hubby's plate but he was lingering at the sink to wash his hands (or making some other rookie mistake). Before anyone could react, a black blur raced through the dining room, leaped to his chair, and one furry black paw swiped across his plate, sending the entire serving of lasagne flying onto the floor.

Lesson learned.


  1. I think so...or fried chicken breast.

    Or part of a grilled cheese sandwich.

    But probably pizza. =)

  2. Ahahahaha!! Looks like that cat isn't going to give up the pizza without a fight. =)


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