Tuesday, February 19, 2008

10 Random Things

1. Saw Spiderwick Chronicles last night with Kailani and LOVED IT!! It was action-packed, the plot held up well, and the visuals were really cool.

2. It snowed this morning which meant the kids thought school would be cancelled because in mid-Tennessee, that's usually what they do. Thankfully, the county had their heads on straight this morning and school is in session.

3. Starshine does not want to drink water now because he's convinced there are water spiders in it. SEE??? This is why science should be an optional subject.

4. My laundry pile has reached critical mass.

5. Hubby has three cakes to bake this week...a train engine, a treasure chest, and a black cake with flames around the sides and an electric guitar coming out of the top.

6. I love the movie Clue. (Flames!! On the side of my face!!)

7. Green beans ruin anything they touch.

8. When my parents were visiting, my Dad proved himself to be an amateur in the "Proper Etiquette And Use of Lavatory Facilities in a Home Wherein Young Boys Reside" by sitting without first examining the seat.

9. Ewww, yes, but still, nothing teaches like experience.

10. I came up with a chilling (and exciting!) twist for the second book in Alexa's series as I was driving the freeway yesterday. Prepare to be left hanging until book three...

1 comment:

  1. 1. I agree. Fantastic movie.

    3. LMAO!!!

    6. One of the best movies, ever.

    8. *spews coffee*

    10. It is really unfair of you to leave us hanging!


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