Friday, March 14, 2008

Highlights of the Week

1. Starshine, while earnestly explaining something to us about the legendary Dr. Suess, said that something was "True! The kind of true that isn't false!"

2. Ahh, yes, that kind of true.

3. When he saw our faces (as we struggled to contain our mirth and don expressions suitable to a serious discussion of Suess) he followed it up with "Wait...I'm a little confused."

4. *grins*

5. Saw The Bank Job. It wasn't what I expected. That's neither a compliment nor a criticism. But I wouldn't watch it again.

6. Spring is creeping up on middle Tennessee. I know this because allergy season has hit our home.

7. I strongly dislike slow computer servers.

8. I was going to just say "servers" but then I realized people might think I'm talking about waiters.

9. But actually, come to think of it, I don't care to be waited on by a slow server either.

10. Why do people assume that because I'm able to bear children I must inherently know how to hem a pair of pants?

11. I don't.

12. And you really don't want me to try.

13. Paul has a neighbor who is consistently fascinated by the fact that Paul will soon be one of the "po-po".

14. I would have paid good money to see Paul's face when confronted with that statement.

15. Perhaps he can get a "po-po" hat for Juan Pedro.

16. I'm sure it would be quite fetching.

17. There must a rule in the Handbook of Doggy Etiquette that states that the proper protocol for wiping one's lips once one has slurped deeply from one's water bowl is to go rest your chin on the nearest human knee and then sneeze for good measure.

18. Kelly's bridal shower is Saturday and (yikes!) I don't have a gift yet.

19. Thankfully, she's registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and they gift wrap.

20. Gift-wrapping, like sewing, is not my forte.

21. Daredevil has a field trip to the Adventure Science Center today. ASC has an exhibit entitled "Grossology" where the enterprising child can be vomited from a mouth and can wander through the insides of a human and then exit through the posterior region on a slide.

22. I'm told the mat beneath the slide makes a farting noise when you land.

23. Daredevil is thrilled to death to become poop for a day.

24. Weigh in on the side of crunchy or smooth peanut butter in our current poll. (thank you Katy for the idea)

25. Off to clean house and finish up SHADOWING FATE.

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  1. Heh. That Grossology exhibit was here in Denver a while back. Very fun.



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