Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday's List

1. Paul steadfastly refuses to call Juan Pedro by his given name.

2. One wonders what this campaign of cruel depersonalization will do to Juan Pedro's psyche.

3. One feels the need to remind Paul that Juan Pedro carries a weapon with him at all times.

4. This latest poll garnered the most responses. I had to post this pic in honor of the winner, Lord of the Rings. =D

5. Saw Vantage Point last night with Kailani and Dusty and really liked it.

6. Saw a preview for Superhero: The Movie (at least I think that's the title) - it is to superhero movies what Scary Movie is to horror movies.

7. Laughed like a lunatic when Dragonfly "saved" an old lady from being hit by a semi only to discover he'd actually flung her (and her little dog too!) into the mouth of an active trash compacter.

8. Yes, my sense of humor is twisted.

9. Still, we decided we need a "human-size" trash compacter at work to motivate people to tip better. ;D

10. I cannot take seriously any professional who expresses themselves poorly in writing.

11. I don't mean you have to be a stellar writer but for Pete's sake, master the basics of grammar and spelling so you come across as smarter than the average fourth grader.

12. Decided to surprise my hubby with the gift of a full gas tank (no small feat, considering how often I forget to check the gauge) and a car wash for the Explorer last night.

13. Filled up. No problem.

14. Realized the line for the car wash was ridiculously long (given the recent spat of nasty weather here which left every car covered in dirt) but decided surprising him would be worth the wait.

15. 35 minutes into the wait only 2 cars were ahead of me. Victory was in sight.

16. They shut off the car wash.

17. I believe most of middle Tennessee heard me scream.

18. So I surprised him with a full tank and the code for a car wash which he can redeem today.

19. Hubby did all the laundry and a chunk of the ironing this weekend because he loves me very much.

20. Whoever decided cow's tongue was an edible delicacy should be taken out back and shot.

21. Need fun ideas for the next blog poll. Got one?? Leave a comment. =)


  1. Poll option:

    Chunky or smooth peanut butter.


  2. Hmm...a food based poll. You might be on to something here. =)

  3. *laughs* I'm currently obsessed with that question. When you read the firemen story you'll understand why.


  4. Awww, Clint is so sweet to do the ironing. I forgot men actually know how to do that since I'm the only one in my household who does it. Does this mean that somewhere down the line he's going to be teaching the boys since he apparently learned it from someone?


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