Saturday, April 26, 2008

To Be, Or Not To Be

1. I realized I left things off of yesterday's list.

2. This is because my brain is a strange and twisted creature full of fanciful ideas but prone to forget them thirty seconds after they first appear.

3. In honor of our as-yet-unnamed skull, I dragged out my hardbound copy of the Complete Works of Shakespeare and perused my all-time favorite play - Hamlet.

4. The skull in Hamlet (as you are no doubt already aware) is called Yorick and once belonged to the court jester.

5. I'm not sure I can name this skull Yorick - sounds too much like a hockey player from Canada or like, "Yo! Rick!"

6. My hubby wants to name it Anne Boleyn which, I must admit, sounds like a good plan.

7. Paul and Kelly come home today.

8. One can only hope Juan Pedro has removed all traces of his wild week alone.

9. I've submitted DTR now to ten agents, meeting my goal for two a day this week.

10. Now I'm going to go back to concentrating on the FATE series.

11. Speaking of which, I found the perfect icon for SHADOWING FATE and posted it, along with a quote from Alexa, on the sidebar.

12. I really want to find a pair of stilettos with a chinese dragon on them for myself but google turned up empty.

13. I just realized my cell phone has been on "silent" for two days straight.

14. *drum roll please* I am now totally caught up on the laundry! What day is it?? Highlight it. This is a rare and wonderful occasion.

15. *sigh* My ironing pile, on the other hand, needs its own apartment.

16. I hope the writers who lurk on ths blog are enjoying the Writing Process series I'm doing.

17. I don't eat pizza.

18. Or apples.

19. Yes, yes, or chocolate. My hubby says that makes me un-American.

20. And finally, some wisdom for those just becoming familiar with the concept of adoption: Do not refer to my three biological boys as my "real" children or say to me, as the wait to bring home my daughter stretches into its third year, that "at least I already have children of my own". You're right. I do have children of my own. Three boys and a daughter. Origins do not create family. Love does.

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  1. *hugs you* I can't wait for when you get to bring her home.



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