Friday, April 25, 2008

Week In Review

1. May is almost here and while I'm really excited about seeing Prince Caspian and Indiana Jones, I wish there was a Pirates 4 coming out as well.

2. Why is the rum always gone?

3. Lost had a new episode last night after several weeks of re-runs.

4. I've faithfully submitted to agents this week via e-submissions.

5. Except for a few who were recommended by fellow writers but who, oddly enough, have zero web presence.

6. I know people will say that some agents prefer not to do stuff on the web and blah, blah, blah but honestly, in this day and age, if you don't have a web presence, I worry that you can't get the job done.

7. Middle Tennessee is currently experiencing swarms of those big, ugly, harmless bugs that look like flying should be totally impossible. I don't know the technical name but we always called them Mosquito Eaters.

8. Although, has anyone actually seen one of them eat a mosquito?

9. I'm just thankful I'm dealing with those instead of with moths.

10. They'd have to cart me off to the loony bin.

11. We now have a realistic looking plastic skull sitting on our living room bookshelf. (Beside the collected works of Poe so he'll feel right at home)

12. We got him because my hubby works in radio and they get strange presents from the major networks.

13. I think this was to promote a show called "Bones" but I could be wrong.

14. Anyway, he's here now and he needs a name. Perhaps something Poe-esque or lifted from Hamlet?

15. Let me know if you have suggestions.

16. You do realize you are faithfully reading the blog of a woman who hates chocolate, is afraid of moths, and not only names, but contructs real-life adventures for inanimate objects, right?

17. Plus I'm leery of goats.

18. I'd really like to own a souped-up racing lawnmower.

19. Preferably one with an amp and some kickin' speakers so I can cruise in style.

20. And finally, today is Katy's birthday (wandereringray)!! We met last year via the internet and our shared passion for writing and have progressed from well-matched critique partners to lifelong friends. Katy, I wish you well, I'm grateful for you, and if kung-fu every fails you, I'll step on your opponent in one of my four-inch stilettos.

I'd raise a glass to Katy but, as usual, the rum is gone.


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