Thursday, May 22, 2008

California Ears

Tuesday, I was out at the kids' school for the Scientist's award ceremony. While we waited for the kids to arrive, I began chatting with the mom sitting next to me. She was discussing the fact that she is working this summer for the first time in two years.

When I asked if her kids were going to camps or daycare, she said, "No, they'll be with my husband but they'll have to get up early. He forums."

Forums? I didn't know "forum" was a verb. My mind raced as I tried to picture a job description to go with "forums".

"He does what?" I asked.

"He forums." She said.

Did he go from business to business running forums? Was he a political advisor? Was this an educational thing?

Slightly embarrassed that I did not know the answer, I asked, "How do you "forum"?"

The mom looked confused and said "Well...there's cows and chickens and hay..."


Said with a rich southern accent, it gains a syllable.

Clearly, my California ears were showing.


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