Friday, May 23, 2008

Week In Review

1. I picked up Jeaniene Frost's ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE yesterday and am now going to have to draft an email of complaint to her. (Yes, yes, I know her.)

2. Why?

3. Because the book was so good, I stayed up late to finish it when I really should have been finishing writing my own.

4. Now I have to write after work tonight and I won't be getting home until 11.

5. I blame her.

6. We are taking the kids to see Indiana Jones today.

7. Paul is hooking us up with tickets which is not the reason I'm one of his best friends but it certainly doesn't stink either.

8. I need to find a gorgeous dress to wear for the Golden Heart award ceremony.

9. Waited on a man in his seventies (or more) the other night who came in by himself and was reading a book.

10. Naturally, I always ask what people are reading and begin a conversation about the author.

11. This time, to my complete surprise, I knew the author personally.

12. The man was reading Celeste Bradley, my first critique partner.

13. He had a little trouble telling me he was reading TO WED A SCANDALOUS SPY. ;)

14. It's not every day you see a man enjoying a romance novel but he sat at the table for almost an hour, laughing his head off.

15. Having read SCANDALOUS SPY myself, I can safely say that the heroine is laugh outloud funny.

16. I hope one day someone waits on a 75 year old man and he's laughing outloud to one of my books.

17. We're going to the Renaissance Festival on Monday with Paul and Kelly.

18. I will have to leave my wallet in my car to restrain my impulse to add to my dragon collection.

19. I don't really like lasagne.

20. Reader Question: What is a popular food that you just can't stand?


  1. Bad CJ!

    It was an awesome book though, wasn't it? *grins* I laughed really hard in spots.


  2. I don't like macaroni and cheese.

    I don't know why.


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