Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday's List

1. Lest my cat Taz become jealous of all the other felines making appearances on my blog, I decided to post a (rather disturbing) pic of her this morning.

2. My proposal packets go out today to both agents who requested my work.

3. Yay!

4. We had our annual church picnic (which is totally cool because we combine it with a festival of the arts so the whole campus is a showcase of indie music, art, jewelry, food, name it) and I came home with a sunburn.

5. This irritates me because I'm usually so careful.

6. The fact is, my Swedish half comes to life every winter and so for the first few outings of spring/summer I am so white, people walk by me and scream "My eyes! My eyes!"

7. My Dad's olive skin kicks in after a couple weeks, though, and then I tan like I don't even know Sweden exists.

8. I like to cook.

9. I'm going to look for a fun recipe to make for dinner tonight.

10. Unsurprisingly, the laundry will be demanding my attention today.

11. For those of you who've expressed surprise at how much laundry I do, may you have three boys of your own.

12. I would call it "justice". ;)

13. We are going to Florida for a week in June: Sea World, Disney World, Epcott Center, and two days at the beach.

14. Other than the drive to and from, I'm looking forward to it!

15. For those of you who don't understand why I'm dreading the drive - may you have three boys of your own.

16. Speaking of boys, Daredevil threw water on me four times yesterday at the picnic.

17. I would blame him (and I did get him back) but he was only following Paul's example of deviant behavior since Paul threw water on me in a completely unprovoked attack.

18. Paul had better watch his step Tuesday night at work.

19. I always repay my debts.

20. Finally, a bit of sage wisdom from Yoda: "Do or do not. There is no try."


  1. Heh. Oh good, I've been missing the tales of your adventures at work. :D


  2. Me too! And I have a caption for Taz's pic:

    "This is the last face you will ever see."

    Cat looks like she means business. :)

  3. They won't so much be tales of adventure as tales of CJ getting OWNED by me. That's all.

    And it was provoked woman, don't get confused or I'll have to straighten you out.

  4. claim that because I told Kai she should throw water on you (because you were throwing things at her) and she DIDN'T DO IT that I provoked you to throw water on me??

    That's the most convoluted, pathetic attempt at justifying one's bad behavior I've heard in a long time.

    I threw NOTHING at you. Nobody threw anything at you because of ME.

    YOU threw water on ME.

    And YOU will pay.

    p.s. As for "owning" me...we both know you could never foot that kind of bill. ;)


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