Monday, May 5, 2008

Work In Progress Update

Current Projects:

SHADOWING FATE - closing in. Just need to convince my plot arc to do as it's told.

DYING TO REMEMBER - revisions finished. Submitted. Done.

The Writing Process blogs - posting every Tuesday/Thursday and now introducing guest blogs and author interviews on Wednesdays! (I have "recently sold" authors, finalists from the Golden Heart, and a few authors you can buy at your local grocery store all lined up for you!!)

Other Projects:

DYING TO PUNISH - sequel to DTR, currently shelved until I need to write it.
TWISTING FATE - characters being developed, plot being twisted...


*Sizing up contests to enter SF in this summer (my goal is three).

*Sending off requested material to Jessica Faust and Kimberly Whalen today.

*Need to order new business cards before Conference.

*Need to join local RWA chapter this month. (somebody remind me the meeting is the third Saturday...)

*Need to line up other authors for guest blogging.


  1. Oooh, guest bloggers and author interviews!! Looking forward to that.

  2. Just found your blog and read your writing samples and I have to tell you that I'd buy any book of yours in a heartbeat. You are a talented writer. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you'll be on the NYT's Best Sellers list.


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