Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday's List

1. Lest my dog, Bear, become too jealous of Taz's recent fifteen seconds of blogger fame, I posted a pic of him today.

2. Mother's Day was nice: hubby cooked a steak dinner and did all the cleaning, kids all made cards, and I received a gift card to Barnes & Nobles (always the perfect gift for me!) and the new Gwen Stefani perfume I like.

3. Went to see What Happens In Vegas with Kailani and laughed often.

4. Went to Wal-Mart before that and realized that it would be in the public's best interest for designers to stop manufacturing tube tops for anyone over a size 4.

5. Those suckers are not equipped to lock and load the girls.

6. Strangely, the women who most need to be locked and loaded seem fine with relying on a strip of terry cloth to do so.

7. Scary.

8. But not as scary as men who wear overalls.

9. I started reading a book (and because I'm not going to be complimentary, I won't name the author) which is extremely well known and was even made into a wildly successful movie several years ago. I've never read anything by this author and thought I'd see what the fuss was about.

10. I hate it.

11. I can't understand how anyone waded through the dense, no-white-space-for-miles pages, and actually found her antiquated writing style (reminds me of something written two centuries ago) and her lack of anything close to action or suspense interesting but there you have it.

12. On a much better note, I finally grabbed book one (Twilight) in Stephanie Meyer's much acclaimed series and it is everything I'd hoped it would be.

13. I do not care for Strawberry Twizzlers.

14. My hubby, my kids, and two friends get to go see a sneak preview of Prince Caspian tomorrow night.

15. I, most unfortunately, have to work.

16. Because I am a mature woman, I am not going to sulk or pout or point out that neither of these friends really cared about the movie while I had the trailer up on my blog months ago.

17. But whatever.

18. I have too much stuff eating chunks of my time this week.

19. Not the least of which is my impending visit to my oncologist tomorrow.

20. And finally: When one foolishly chooses not to use a light while walking from the bed to the bathroom at night because one selflessly cares about not waking one's hubby, one must expect the dog to have switched locations, thereby causing one to hurtle through the air, bouncing off the vacuum cleaner some soon-to-be-dead child left in the middle of one's bedroom floor, before smacking, face first, into the doorjamb outside one's bathroom.

21. And to think my friends (most of whom read this blog and are thus familiar with my peculiar brand of clumsiness and poor timing) thought I would accept an invitation to go ice skating with them today.

22. If I'm going to take my life into my own slippery little hands, there must be something really important at stake.

23. Like shoes.

24. Really excellent shoes.


  1. As a frequent reader of your blog I've heard you blast, for lack of a better word, authors for a bunch of different things (that plainly I often agree with). So I find myself shocked that you liked reading Twilight. I know her fans are rabit and the marketing is phenominal but Really?? It was "everything you hoped it would be"?? This surprises me. There are almost 50 references to the weather in the first two chapters,a "description" of the character by ye olde mirror trick, and the most adjectives I've ever seen. There's no arguing with success but I'm still shocked at your lack of well...a response to the editing. The end of chapter to has her pulling her hood off (that functions to keep hair dry) followed immediately by her laying out her damp hair to dry. Reading some samples of your work, and as fast paced and tightly plotted/no loose words dangling, it really surprises me that you like this book. What's up with that?

  2. Sorry sp. fix

    rabit fans in most cases would have been spelled rabid but in Twilight's case the fans are rabit because they have bigger ears than regular rabid fans.

  3. Lol. Actually, I think I like the term "rabit fans". It's a fun mental pic.

    You raise a valid point. The book has a slow start, unless you count the prologue, and the author takes her time getting to anything suspenseful. The weather plays a large part in both scene setting and character building in the first few chapters and it is heavy-handed.

    So, why was it everything I hoped it would be? Because I liked the voice and found the plot to be an interesting take on YA vampire lore. I'd heard that she had a strong YA vamp series and, even with the aforementioned complaints, I found that I liked the heroine and that Ms. Meyers kept me reading.

    I guess it comes down to taste. I wasn't looking for earth-shattering or for the NEXT BIG THING. I was looking for a solid start to an interesting series and I found it. =)

    Jessica Faust posted recently on her BookEnds blog a response to the eternal question "why are bad books published" and she made a good point about it coming down to personal taste.

    We both know that my personal taste generally runs to the tightly edited, no extra words unless you are Koontz or Rowling and can get away with it, but as I said, I have to give Ms. Myers credit where credit is due: she kept me reading. :)

  4. That series gets better each book. It kept me reading too.

  5. I haven't read this series yet but I'm interesting in something C.J. said about liking the voice and feeling like there was potential for the series to be strong.

    I *finally* started reading the Harry Potter books and I expected them to be INCREDIBLE and the first half of the first book was..well...not. J.K. Rowling starts that book off slowly, choking us with details and taking so much time to build the parameters of her story that if I hadn't heard so many good things about the series, I would have chucked the book and grabbed something else.

    However, the second half is much faster and more interesting. I noticed that on the second book, she starts much faster as well.

    Perhaps Stephanie Meyers has potential as an author and we'll see her writing improve with each successive book. I'm not saying she's the next J.K. Rowling, just that even in that hugely successful series, the first book had plenty of flaws.

  6. Ugh! Prince Caspian!!! Wherefore art thou Prince? Not with me, for sure ;-) Jacob was wondering why he wasn't with him as well tonight.


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