Saturday, May 10, 2008

Week In Review

1. Actually, sadly, I do know how the concepts of cooking and cleaning apply to me.

2. They try to take over my world...

3. Thankfully, I possess the fortitude to resist.

4. Every time I pet my cat, my dog gets jealous.

5. Starshine now asks daily if he can own a fish.

6. He promises to clean the bowl every day.

7. This would be a small miracle considering the usual state of his bedroom.

8. However, he is very persistent with this request.

9. All other family members have remained neutral on the issue, except the cat.

10. She's very supportive.

11. I will take a picture of Anne Boleyn in all her bony glory and post it next week.

12. The Renaissance Festival has come to town and my hubby, Paul, and I never miss it.

13. This week, while handing a man his plate of food, the momentum of the plate's forward motion carried one precariously placed piece of bacon off the plate, onto the man's lap, and (due to his regrettably slow reflexes) onto the floor.

14. One piece.

15. I instantly apologized and told him I'd return with another piece from the kitchen. Takes less than a minute. It's Cracker Barrel. We always have bacon.

16. He threw what can only be described as a tantrum. He raised his voice and explained the facts of life as he saw them. The gist of his complaint was that, and I quote, "Nothing is worse than not having all of your food on your plate when you start eating."

17. Oh really???

18. Fed up with his arrogant, self-centered drivel, I replied: "Cancer is worse. Katrina was worse. Losing a child is worse." And in the resulting silence, I left to get his one piece of bacon.

19. Not surprisingly, I did not receive a tip.

20. That's okay. I adjust attitudes for free.


  1. Hey! Since you adjust attitudes for free, how about having a crack at my teenager?

  2. Good for you!

    Hell I'll send you the 75 cent he probably would have left you anyway. People with their heads stuck that far up their ... well you know :D ... don't usually tip well anyway.


  3. Good for you for adjusting his attitude. One day, maybe he'll understand all of what you told him. ...maybe.

  4. Mayberry: Not a chance.

    Katy: tempting as that is, I'll have to pass.

    Jamn: I seriously doubt people like him ever really get it but people like me can't stay quiet in the face of ignorance that staggering. ;)


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