Saturday, June 7, 2008

Reasons Why I Am Not Asleep

1. I worked tonight and my feet hurt.

2. I fear this is not because I walked too much but because I am no longer in my twenties.

3. I am writing another scene for SHADOWING FATE and even though my eyes are crossing, I'm excited about seeing the end of the novel and I hate to stop writing for something as mundane and over-rated as sleep.

4. Wait til you meet Alexa's Alpha male...

5. A stranger told me tonight that she reads my blog and loves it and so I feel inspired to post something vaguely entertaining so as to prove that I deserve the compliment.

6. Though why anyone would want to know why I'm still up at 12:43 a.m. is beyond me.

7. Three of the last four nights have been 3 am bedtimes.

8. Which means that I no longer make much sense when I talk and I don't remember things 1.7 seconds after they are told to me and I cannot be trusted to accurately judge the distance between my mouth and my fork.

9. Really, the main reason I'm still up is that I'm downstairs and my bed is upstairs.

10. Ugh. Stairs.

11. And I'm listening to Seether's latest album, the one I listened to once and didn't like, because I feel I may have been unfair in my knee-jerk assessment and am going to give it another chance.

12. I saw my site linked to the site of someone I don't know and had a "Oh wow! What a compliment" reaction which further fueled my desire to post something fun...

13. Nighttime yoga is in my future next week.

14. Truly, I hope none of the positions become permanent.

15. Not just because of the pain likely involved in involuntarily holding Sitting Duck or Flaming Idiot (Haven't heard of those? Clearly, you haven't watched me do yoga) for hours, but because my hubby's reaction when he wanders downstairs at 4 am to go to work would be nigh impossible to live down.

16. And then I would have to kill him.

17. And I really love him.

18. Other reasons why I'm not asleep?

19. Probably...but I'm too tired to remember them.

*sigh* Off to bed then, stairs and all...let's just hope I don't dream of Harley-riding fainting goats who wear orange tulle and smoke pipes while planning crimes of a decidedly sinister nature again. That was just disturbing.


  1. When you have dreams of taking over the world and you actually know exactly what you need to do to gain world domination but then when you wake up you can't remember what you wrote down in your dream... that's when it gets weird.

  2. LOL!

    What are we going to do today, Brain? =)


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