Friday, June 6, 2008

Week In Review

1. Last night we watched The Curse Of The Black Pearl as a family.

2. Told you I needed my Jack Sparrow fix.

3. As I'm posting this, my kids and I are watching Dead Man's Chest. =)

4. I've been up laaaaate every night this week finishing SHADOWING FATE.

5. It's just the right mix of suspense, humor, and "oh crap".

6. A few days ago, apropos of nothing, Daredevil looked at my hubby and said, "You are just creeping me out on so many levels!"

7. Lol

8. Two nights ago, Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys came in to Cracker Barrel to eat with a couple of his friends.

9. Because I do not know what any of the Backstreet Boys look like and care even less, I didn't recognize him.

10. Apparently not enough other people recognized him either (we currently had a dining room mostly full of older couples and rednecks) so he started singing - loudly - at his table.

11. I was frankly surprised both he and his ego could fit in the same chair.

12. I will admit to being sorely tempted to wander over to him and say, with my best expression of honest confusion, "Hey, didn't you used to be someone?" but the die hard fans in our restaurant ranks assured me they would tar and feather me if I committed such sacrilige.

13. *sigh* It ruined all my fun.

14. I was going to start doing yoga before going to bed this week but since I've been up til 2:30 or 3 am writing, I'm putting that off until next week.

15. Evanescence needs to come out with a new album. Soon.

16. Apparently, instances of e coli in 9 states have been traced back to contaminated tomatoes.

17. The only thing I could think when I'd heard this was that the premise for Kim Harrison's alternate reality (contaminated tomatoes containing a mutant strain of bio-drug gone bad wiping out much of humanity) was about to begin.

18. That's what happens when you read constantly...real life starts to look like fiction.

19. Though I won't be eating tomatoes any time soon.

20. Reader Question: Which fictional alternate reality would you most like to inhabit?


  1. Definitely J.K. Rowling's world! As long as I get to be a wizard, of course.

  2. Hmmmm... Oz has always appealed to me. *smile*

    I'm quite fond of Piers Anthony's land of Xanth too.


  3. Oh you really should have gone up to Nick Carter and asked him to stop because some of the customers were complaining!! Now that would have been fun.

  4. I have met some socalled celebreties, which i didn´t recognize, they asked for special service, and i asked who they were?? :-)

  5. Middle Earth.

    Or Gotham City as long as I get to be Batman's main squeeze.

  6. Personally, I always wanted to live in Narnia. I was disappointed as a child that none of the furniture in my house looked magical enough to transport me to another world. =)


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