Monday, June 23, 2008

Vacation Diary - Day Three

We spent the bulk of the day in Sea World and I was pleasantly surprised at how much there was for the kids to do. Of course we watched Shamu's Believe show and it was incredible. We also saw polar bears, walruses, barracudas, sharks (several varieties whose names escape me), beluga whales and my personal favorite, dolphins. I'd like to swim with dolphins someday.

Maybe we'll take a cruise and I can do it then.

The Scientist won a killer whale stuffed animal at the arcade and named it Shamu. Daredevil and I went on a roller coast together but we couldn't ride the Kraken, which looked absolutely amazing in a hey-I-might-die-here sort of way. Poor Daredevil needs four more inches before he's allowed to ride on that.

We went on paddle boats that look like giant floating flamingos, which, if you stop to think about it too long, is sort of the stuff of nightmares.

It was fun but the real story of the day was the heat. Relentless, fry you to a crisp despite your paltry 60 SPF heat. When we stopped for lunch, we all sat and guzzled 20 ounces of water each in less than three minutes. The kids recovered from it when we came back to the hotel and took them to the pool. My hubby seems fine, though he and I are still drinking a lot of water.

I, on the other hand, am still in Holy Heat Rash, Batman! mode so we'll see how I feel (and look) tomorrow.

We'll be spending all day at Disney's Magic Kingdom and my hubby and I realized today that while I packed socks and shoes for the kids, the two of us brought only flip flops. One day hiking around an amusement park in flip flops was enough to demonstrate, in excruciating, blistering detail, the error of our ways.

My hubby fixed that tonight by going to Walmart and buying new athletic shoes and socks for us both.

Yes. You heard me. He bought shoes for me while I was not present, an act that goes against all that we hold sacred in our marriage.

He had my permission for this daring feat but I took one look at the women's athletic socks he handed me (the ones that look surprisingly masculine) and listened to his "I tried to get something fashionable without adding color" and I have yet to work up enough courage to open the box.

Besides, whatever they look like, as long as they're comfortable, I'm wearing them tomorrow. And I give the man credit where credit is due. Picking out shoes for your wife, even if she isn't a shoe-oholic like me, is stressful.

Highlight of today: (besides the family time and the nightmarishly pink flamingo boats)

Daredevil, Starshine, and the Scientist were hanging out in the hotel's hot tub when three twenty-something guys from Brazil joined them. Daredevil sized them up and then announced: "Well, there's three of you and three of us but I guess we might lose the fight."
The Brazilians thought it was hilarious.

This is because Daredevil is small and cute.

Give it a few years and I shudder to think where his mouth and his firm belief that he can take on anyone and win will land us.

Anyone know a good lawyer?

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  1. *giggles*

    Tell Daredevil I sympathize with him, I was also too short to ride the rides I really wanted to go on.

    Bravo for hubby for daring to pick out shoes for you!

    Hope the heat rash fades and you have fun today!



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