Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vacation Diary - Day One and Two

I'm blogging (with the intent to be somewhat regular this week while we vacation but it's anybody's guess how much reality will intrude on that idea) from the desk in our room at the Holiday Inn, while everyone else is asleep (or very nearly) using H.I.'s deplorably sloooow wireless connection.

Took me eons to upload that gorgeous Pirates poster but it was worth the wait.

We left yesterday at 5:15 p.m. which, since we'd planned to leave by 5 p.m., was a miracle of no small proportion. Usually, if we plan to leave by 5 p.m., we are out the door no earlier than 6.

We drove until 10 something that night and stopped somewhere south of Atlanta in a seen-better-days-but-fit-the-budget Super 8. Noteable items from our first day of travel:

1. All of the boys made it to the Super 8 alive, a feat which was doubtful at several points during the journey.

2. We stopped at a Cracker Barrel (hey! I get a 35% discount. Where else would we eat?) and Starshine and I were sitting together in the rockers on the porch after dinner, rocking quietly and sharing some quality time. Suddenly , Starshine belts out these words (with a tune attached to them which makes me wonder if I need to pay stricter attention to his music class next year...) "Old granny gots a lot of cookies! Old granny can't resist the cookies!"


3. As we were driving, the kids kept trying to get truckers to honk. As we drove up to one semi, the Scientist was frantically pumping his fist up and down, trying to gain the trucker's attention when he suddenly gasped and said in a voice full of shock and awe, "That trucker is a woman!"

Daredevil's response: "Whoa. She must be one trash-talking, hard-nosed girl!" (I think this is a quote from one of their Disney shows but it's quite possible he came up with this on his own.)

Starshine's response: "Sweet Nibblets."

I am just as baffled as you.

4. We woke up this morning and filed outside only to find that the car occupying the slot several doors down from us (in the seen-better-days Super 8) was a red Ferrari.

Maybe that's how he can afford the Ferrari? Or maybe gas prices caught up to him too.

Today, we arrived in Orlando at 3:30 and took the kids to the hotel pool to let off some steam, burn some energy, and exise the demon of testosterone currently tempting each of them to commit various felonies for which their parents would be held responsible.

We wandered around Downtown Disney this evening (it's free to get in but everything else costs an arm and a leg). We'd given each of the kids some spending money and they blew the whole thing when we hit a store selling some uber-cool Pirates loot. Eye patches, daggers, swords, pistols, skulls, t-shirts, name it. I secretly coveted a few pieces myself but couldn't bring myself to spend money on me. :)

Tomorrow, it's off to Sea World and hopefully an early night. I'm sleepy now and I'm going to bed.

Sweet Nibblets.


  1. Your kids are so funny! May you have safe travels and a great time! :)

  2. You realize "sweet nibblets" is a Hannah Montana thing? We don't watch that show, but my daughter heard another girl say it and has adopted her own catchphrase, "Oh, sweet nuggets!" because, as she explains, she likes chicken nuggets.

    Have a great trip!!


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