Saturday, June 21, 2008

Week In Review

1. We leave today for Florida.

2. We'll be gone for a week - Sea World, Disney World, Epcot, and then two days at Cocoa Beach.

3. We're all excited about the vacation - we'll see how long the boys can stand being packed into the back of the Explorer before the game becomes Last Brother Breathing wins.

4. Earlier this week, we went bowling together.

5. I believe I've told you about my mad bowling skills - last time I had a score of 1 as in Uno, as in You Stink - by frame 7.

6. This time, my hubby took pity on me and let me have bumpers just like the kids.

7. I did much better.

8. The Scientist beat us all on the second game and was proudly trash-talking his Dad over it. My hubby responded with, "Well, I would have beat you if I'd had bumpers." To which the Scientist replied, "Yeah but then you would have looked like a total dork."

9. "Oh reeeeeaaaaally?" I said as my hubby choked on his laughter.

10. The Scientist hurried to recover his gaffe with this explanation: "But you're a girl, Mom. It doesn't look bad if you have bumpers because no one expects you to be able to bowl."

11. "Oh rrrreeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy???"

12. At which point the Scientist opted for silence.

13. We have a summertime tradition with the boys of going outside at twilight and catching fireflies. We gather as many as we can into our glass jar, watch them light up for a while, and then set them free (the Set Them Free Rather Than Bring Them Inside rule was instituted last year after the Scientist brought a jar of them up to his room and realized sometime during the night that he'd neglected to seal the lid.)

14. A few days ago, the boys were chasing fireflies around the lawn and for some reason, Daredevil decided to name the one he was chasing Fred.

15. He chased Fred, yelling at Fred to stop, to come here, to stay still...Fred wasn't listening.

16. Finally, Daredevil lunged foward, clapped his hands, checked his palms and then looked at me and said, "Fred didn't make it."

17. Last night a couple in their early twenties flagged me down after I'd delivered their food. When I went to the table, the man pointed to the floor and said, "She dropped her fork. You can pick it up now and get her another one."

18. Awww, can I? Can I really?

19. I came back to the table, dropped the new fork and the check, and never went back.

20. And no, I didn't pick up the fork she dropped. Anyone old enough to walk and talk is old enough to pick up after themselves.


  1. Have a great time!

    *laughs* You, me and Lisa managed to schedule vacations all at the same time. :D Some subconscious defense mechanism to keep us from going crazy?


  2. It's amazing twenty year olds can order food by themselves!!
    Hope you trip is good.


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