Thursday, June 12, 2008

Week In Review

1. I can sum up my activities this week in one pithy word: Writing.

2. I've discovered, as I continue to throw plot twists into SHADOWING FATE, that I can write faster than I ever thought I could.

3. I am incredibly grateful to my hubby for being so supportive of his wife's crazy hours so I can finish this book before we leave for vacation!

4. A few days ago I took the kids to our neighborhood pool and there was a small group of teenage girls sitting with their feet in the water.

5. One of the girls was singing. Loudly. Apparently under the midguided impression that A) she was on key and B) the rest of her neighbors (most specifically a teenage boy) wanted to be serenaded by her.

6. Daredevil, who as you know has NO FILTER between what he thinks and what he says, swam by her, stopped, threw his hands in the air and said in his very best outdoor voice, "If you had a heart, you would stop singing!"

7. She stopped.

8. Starshine ate an ice cream cone tonight and managed to coat his eyebrown with cone crumbs and his eyelashes with ice cream.

9. When asked how it got there, he looked surprised and said "I don't remember hitting my eye with my ice cream..."

10. Ah, yes. Well, in his case that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

11. I am constantly amazed at how many parents take their kids out to eat and either don't make them clean up after themselves, laugh when their kid throws ice/fork/food/other sibling onto the floor, or let their kids run wild throughout the restuarant, apparently thinking the other diners and the staff don't mind babysitting.

12. Get Smart comes out next week.

13. I'll be there.

14. Go here, enter the site, click on collections then This Season and my newest shoe craving (and due to price, one I'm never destined to own!) is called Bu.

15. I need a great dress for the Golden Heart awards ceremony. I have until the end of July to find one.

16. In thirty minutes, a twelve year old neighbor girl will arrive at my doorstep willing to clean or organize anything for the incredible bargain of $5 an hour.

17. She will be earning a lot of spending money from me this summer!

18. I wrote a line in SHADOWING FATE the other night that made me laugh so hard I couldn't keep typing for a few minutes.

19. My to-be-read pile is growing...I'm not reading anything but my own WIP at the moment but the second I'm finished, Katy's newest novel is my top priority.

20. Reader Question: Which draws you into buying a book - the cover, the hook on the back cover, or scanning the first chapter?


  1. Definitely the hook on the back combined with the picture. If the hook is cool but the picture looks like every other "guy with shirt off hugging girl from behind with wind blowing her hair and dragon in the background", then no. But if the picture is awesome and the hook is like every other "There was a boy, and a dragon, and they had to save the world!", then obviously, no.

    But, the hook usually has to have the words dragon, knight, or honor somewhere for me to buy it. =)

  2. I just bought my dress!

    (totally by accident, I was looking for a computer bag and well... *grins and shrugs*)

    It's going to look great with my pirate shoes. :D


  3. Ah, those shoes are stellar! =)

    As for the question: I'd have to say all of the above on this one. I picked up a book recently because the cover caught my eye, then I liked what I read on the back, and then I scanned the first chapter and was intrigued enough to buy it, even though it's YA. I have a teenager and I used to work at a junior high school. =)

    By the way, I read your first chapter of SF. Can I just say AWESOME!?! I can't wait to read it!

  4. Paul - yes, yes, but you know you're going to buy a copy of SF and it isn't going to have a dragon, a knight, or the word honor anywhere on it...

    Katy - Yay! Pirate Shoes!

    Jinx- Thanks! I can't wait for you to read it either. ;)

  5. New to your blog but loving it!
    I used to buy for the pictures...but lately. I've been opening up the book and reading the first page to see if it hooks me.


    And those shoes! LOL! All I can think of is Carrie from SATC. LOL


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