Thursday, June 12, 2008

Writing A Synopsis Is The 5th Level of Hell

I'm just saying.


  1. Oh I second this and support the motion that we attack anyone who tells us we have to write a synopsis without a whole bucket load of mangoes and strawberries to soften the blow.
    I had to write one just recently and I can tell you I found it just sooo annoying. I mean I know how to write one, and I just kept trying to put it off and put it off, kind of like your annual pap smear test, you know you have to, you know it's for the best, but you'll do anything than go for it...
    my two cents worth.

  2. Oh boy... something's wrong with me. I love writing them. More for other people than for my own work. Do you think I could support myself as a Mercenary Synopsizer? In fact, I just posted several for other folks on my own blog, rather than be saddled with writing my own.


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