Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hump Day Hodgepodge

A few interesting things from this week:

*I found a truly amazing eye liner. Usually, eye liner lasts all of 20 minutes on me, especially when I'm working. This stuff lasts all day and at the end of my shift, I still look like I just put it on. And the best part? It's not expensive. You can pick up Jane Be Pure Mineral Eyeliner Gel at your local drugstore.

*The air conditioner on the 9-4 refuses to work. We bought a freon charge or something of that nature and the obstinate vehicle still blows nothing but hot air. The downside to this is that with the weather in the 90s and humidity abounding, rolling down the windows doesn't improve the sweatbox-nature of our vehicle. The upside is that now I don't have to upgrade my gym membership to include the sauna.

*I've agreed to write a short story for an e-zine published around Halloween. The genre will be something along the lines of Gothic Romance and even though I'm focused on SHADOWING FATE, ideas are starting to spark.

*Starshine and I had a very interesting conversation today. We were in the car together, running errands, when we began talking about the fact that I won't see him for a week while I'm in San Fran.

Me: I'll miss you.

Starshine: I'll be camping. But I'll miss you too.

Me: Even though I'll be having fun, part of me will wish I was with you.

Starshine: Yes, even though I'll be fishing, part of me will wish I was with you.

Me: *smiles* That's nice.

Starshine: Yeah, no matter what you do, part of you always wants to be with your family.

Me: Aww *more smiling*

Starshine: Instead of being alone.

Me: Yes.

Starshine: In a dry desert.

Me: A what?

Starshine: With no water.

Me: Umm

Starshine: And no air.

Me: No air?

Starshine: And you can't breathe and then you just die.

Me: Well...

Starshine: Then you'd wish you were with your family instead.

Me: Yes, I guess you would.

Starshine: Instead of a mountain...

Me: Hey! Look at that car!

Starshine: Oooooh, shiny!

And thus I distracted him from describing another death scene. It's nice to see my imagination carried on in the next generation even if it does hijack a perfectly nice conversation with visions of despair.


  1. Ooo I may have to check out that eyeliner!

    *falls off the couch laughing at Starshine* Awesome. I like that boy.


  2. lol

    Gotta love Starshine.


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